+ OFFICER + Shiba Inu Coin and the Kraken

After operations postponed due to technical problems finally here we are. Kraken fulfills the promise made a few weeks ago and already allows the deposit of $ SHIB, with the operations of trading which will be open starting tomorrow.

Great news for Shiba Inu Coin, who thus marries into the only one big exchange which was missing, earning another slice of potential market. News, as we will see, come on positive aspects, another step in the adoption of a token that no longer seems to want to stop.

Kraken officially shares Shib

The opening of trading on Kraken it could be an opportunity for volatility and trading opportunities in the short term, which we can take advantage of with the Capital.com platformgo here to get a trial account with unlimited virtual capital – broker who was among the first to list $ SHIB on their price lists.

Great for the short and long term, thanks to the integration of platforms professional come MetaTrader 4 e TradingView, which allow you to invest with advanced analysis tools even for the short term. With 20€ we can switch to a real account.

A week full of news ends – and another one begins …

Per Shiba Inu Coin one has just closed week full of news, from the announcement of the next game e metaverse of the group, passing through other news on the development of the platform as such.

The listing on Kraken, which had also been the subject of great controversy due to delays, arrives with the opening of the depot already now and with the start of operations as early as tomorrow, as announced by the group’s official Twitter account.

New listing on Kraken: Shiba Inu Coin. Deposits are active from now on. Trading will be active from November 30th. To know more…

Thus referring to the announcement via the official blog, where there are further details. Deposits require 20 confirmations – or about 5 minutes – with the minimum deposit which will be $ 373,000 SHIB. We can trade it against Euro e Dollar, with an accuracy of 8 decimal digits.

The services of at least for now will not be available margin trading e i futures – advanced services that the group reserves only for a few tokens and coins.

It was probably really a glitch

The quarrel among the fans of Shiba Inu Coin e Kraken it was one of the most heated of the last months. It all started with a tweet which, in our opinion erroneously also in terms of communication, had hinted at an immediate quotation.

Brian Hoffman said if we get 2,000 likes we will list $ SHIB tomorrow, but he doesn’t think we will. ShibArmy, where are you?

Tweet to which he then repaired in a botched way, saying that there were other procedures to be completed before concluding the listing operations. Dietrofront who, unsurprisingly, had sent up all the furies I’m a fan of Shiba Inu Coin, obviously disappointed by a bad communication campaign of the group.

Everything has returned, at least for now, as the group actually has listing Shib and tomorrow the dances for actual trading. Yup, $ SHIB he actually captured the last fort.

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