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Rimini. Clash between Forza Italia and Lega on Greta Testa

Rimini. Clash between Forza Italia and Lega on Greta Testa
Rimini. Clash between Forza Italia and Lega on Greta Testa

In practice they have been fighting since June, when the center-right lost the Rimini elections. Now Antonio Barboni (Forza Italia) and Jacopo Morrone (Lega) continue the tug-of-war also in view of December 18, when those elected in the various administrations will be called to renew the provincial council.

Let’s first look at the center-right list released by Mr Morrone: Giancarlo Diotalevi, Valentina Guerra, Roberto Maggioli, Flavio Mauro, Caterina Nicodemo, Domenico Petito, Domenica Spinelli, Greta Testa, Matteo Zoccarato.

Open up heaven. Senator Barboni, in his capacity as provincial coordinator, stigmatizes. “Forza Italia has identified the deputy provincial coordinator Roberto Maggioli as its only candidate. In blatant disregard for the most elementary rules of political etiquette, councilor Greta Testa, elected in 2017 (in Riccione) on the Forza Italia lists, was nominated.

Not only. Barboni reports that Greta Testa has never “contacted the party leaders to communicate her intention to run”. Party that wanted to invest “in her to the point of having scheduled a press conference in the Senate on November 17 (later postponed) to present an initiative of her own made by the parliamentary group” despite “news of her abandonment had come from” deep throats ” of the party “.

In the last words of the senator, one senses a “pyrotechnic” ending. “The act of a candidacy of an elected member of a party against the manifest will of the party itself – Barboni recalls – is an openly hostile act that has already been adequately represented at the national leaders of Forza Italia who have reserved every action in the appropriate forums and whose gravity, evidently unknown or ignored, will have adequate and heavy repercussions ”.

Center left

Meanwhile, the majority also produced their own “Civic and Democratic” list: Daniela de Leonardis (Rimini), Barbara di Natale (Rimini), Marcello Fattori (Maiolo), Ruggero Gozzi (Montescudo-Montecolombo), Manuela Guaitoli (Rimini), Daniele Morelli (San Giovanni in Marignano), Alice Parma (Santarcangelo), Fabrizio Piccioni (Misano), Serena Soldati (Rimini), Giuliano Zamagni (Rimini).

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