Ferrari Purosangue, spy photos of the PHEV version – Auto World

Ferrari Purosangue, spy photos of the PHEV version – Auto World
Ferrari Purosangue, spy photos of the PHEV version – Auto World

New tests for Ferrari Thoroughbred and new spy photos that add still small details to the very little information available about the first SUV of the Cavallino. After the shots that portrayed a prototype with what appeared to be the bodywork of a pre-production model, with the abandonment of the components of the Maserati Levante that have accompanied the development to date, here are new stolen images that seem to confirm a PHEV version for the Ferrari Purosangue. The presence of a second door, mirrored to the charging one, whose shapes seem to be followed by the car’s covers, could in fact support the thesis of a plug-in hybrid variant for the first high-wheeled model of the Prancing Horse.

The length of Ferrari Purosangue should be close to 5 meters with a width close to 2 meters. The inclination of the windshield suggests the choice of an SUV coupé, a choice confirmed by several shots that have portrayed the various prototypes on the road in the past months. while the use of the same optical groups seems obvious. The biggest unknown however, that linked to the choice of engines remains. As we have anticipated in other articles, the Cavallino seems willing to offer Ferrari Purosangue with a wider range of engines than traditional models.

It is therefore possible that the Maranello brand opts for at least two subdivisions: the V12 it could be kept alive once again, perhaps with the addition of an electrified system or the choice could fall on the V8, which already offers a hybrid version thanks to the expertise of the SF90 Stradale or the new V6 that debuted on the 296 GTB. In both cases, we would try to give full electric autonomy greater than the super sports cars. The latest spy photos in which a charging flap appears to appear could confirm the arrival of one of the two splits already from the first versions that will be available in 2023.

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Ferrari Purosangue spy photos PHEV version Auto World

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