Death of para Scieri, Salento non-commissioned officer Andrea Antico acquitted

PISA – Andrea Antico, the non-commissioned officer originally from Casarano accused of aggravated voluntary murder for the death of Emanuele Scieri, parà della Folgore, which took place on 13 August 1999 in the “Gamerra” barracks in Pisa, was acquitted by the gup Pietro Murano during the ‘preliminary hearing with the formula “for not having committed the fact”. Former officers Enrico Celentano and Salvatore Romondia also acquitted of the accusation of aiding and abetting “because the fact does not exist”. The three had chosen the shortened rite. Instead, two former corporals go to trial for voluntary murder in competition. These are Alessandro Panella and Luigi Zabara.

For the Salento Antico, who is still in service at the 7th Vega Regiment, and who in the matter is defended by the lawyers Alberto and Fiorenzo Alessi, the prosecution had invoked 18 years, while the two former officers had been asked for four years to head. According to the prosecutor’s thesis, in fact, the latter would have been aware of the drama that took place in the barracks, but to protect the good name of the brigade and the symbol of the Thunderbolt they would have chosen not to give impetus to the investigations. Not so for the defenses, according to which they were just conjectures.

After so many years, therefore, there is still no univocal truth about Scieri’s death. According to the assumptions of the Prosecutor’s Office, the para, after suffering a beating, would have fled by climbing the parachute drying tower. Someone, however, would have beaten his hands with his boots making him fall badly, so as to cause his death.


Death para Scieri Salento noncommissioned officer Andrea Antico acquitted

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