6 bruised agents, 5 ultras arrested

6 bruised agents, 5 ultras arrested
6 bruised agents, 5 ultras arrested

Last night, as part of the services set up for public order and safety on the occasion of the football match Naples-Lazio, the contingent of the police placed to protect some means of Lazio fans approaching the stadium was attacked in via Barbagallo with bottles, smoke bombs and firecrackers by a group of Neapolitan fans misrepresented with helmets and balaclavas and armed with spiked sticks, intent on coming into contact with the visiting fans. The operators reached the attackers who resisted with clubs, helmets and straps, blocking seven. Six policemen suffered bruises.


Rosario Lo Monaco, Davide Romano, Alessandro Borrelli, Pasquale Forte and Giuseppe Mazzocchi, Neapolitans between 30 and 39 years old, were arrested for resisting a Public Official as well as for various reasons also for possession or use of instruments capable of offending during sporting events; Borrelli and Mazzocchi were also reported for aggravated injuries and Mazzocchi also for having violated the Daspo measure to which he is currently subjected. The other two, aged 36 and 25, were denounced for resistance to a Public Official and possession of instruments capable of offending during sporting events. For all seven, belonging to the Neapolitan ultras groups, the procedure for the issue of the Daspo was started.

Furthermore, during the pre-filtering services for access to the stadium, the policemen sanctioned 6 people for violating the rules of use of the sports facility, three because in possession of ticket not corresponding to the holder and the others for possession of narcotic substances for personal use. Finally, in via Giambattista Marino, as part of the services to combat the phenomenon of unauthorized parking lots arranged by the Police Headquarters, soldiers of the Guardia di Finanza denounced a 40-year-old Neapolitan because he was surprised again to exercise the activity of illegal parking.

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bruised agents ultras arrested

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