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ALEX, SOLEIL AND THE KISS – “It is not a kiss between friends, a friend of mine does not kiss her with her tongue, it was not a scenic kiss”, starts Signorini talking about the famous kiss between Soleil and Alex during the “Turandot”. Katia Ricciarelli intervenes: “As a director I prefer theirs, it was very nice, but if I saw my husband have such an attitude I wouldn’t take it well”. “It’s a television adaptation,” defends Belli. “He was very passionate”, underlines Aldo Montano. Sonia Bruganelli explains: “I see Solei more involved than Alex” You are bowing a basket of snails ready to be delivered to Delia “, thunders Adriana Volpe.” There is a beautiful complicity, ours is a different form of love “, concludes Beautiful.

LULU ‘AND CLARISSA AGAINST ALL – “Our nomination is not right, Katia told us to shut up”, attack Lulu and Clarissa. “You have to stop screaming and talking about the past, you play nice in front of the cameras, then behind you say that the old women had to go out, you should be more respectful, we have made a bunch like this, you look like the three monkeys”, comments the Ricciarelli. “Only fake, arrogant and bad people go on,” says Lulu. “I’m not talking to you anymore”, concludes Katia. “Yours is a generational clash”, explains Signorini.

THE NIGHT OF DELIA (WITH ANOTHER ONE) – Signorini shows the photos that will be published on Wednesday by the weekly “Chi” in which Delia lets herself go to “effusions” with the model Simone Bonaccorsi. “I called it the revenge,” explains the director. Soleil is positioned in the Mystery and previews the images: “I hope he was working, if they are what they seem it would break my heart especially for Alex”. Signorini intervenes: “They are not images of work but stolen during the backstage”. Alfonso shows the shots to Belli: “I know Simone very well and he is engaged, in any case I trust them”. Samy intervenes: “Simone broke up”. “After everything I’ve seen, I’m speechless, no comment,” Delia wrote on social media. “These words weigh on me, I repeat: there is nothing between me and Soleil, the cameras would not stop me”, says Alex.

VALERIA MARINI ENTERS THE HOUSE – “He has an enemy in the House, Francesca Cipriani, even if she will minimize it”, anticipates Signorini. Valeria Marini returns to the House all dressed in red and with the left eye patch the delicate intervention she underwent in recent weeks: “Star kisses, for me it’s reborn, I really like Manuel, he’s sweet, he has a great poem behind him “. Signorini brings all the men to the confessional and announces the arrival of Marini: “We will have fun”, they exclaim. Cipriani waits alone in the living room for the surprise and is “freezed”. “Franci, how beautiful you are, I’m happy to see you”, exclaims Marini. There is bad blood between the two after Cipriani has dated her ex-husband. “She is my myth, I looked at her at the Bagaglino we made peace on the Island of the famous but turned off the cameras everything is back as before, with her who did not want to be photographed with me”, attacks Francesca.

THE CLASH BETWEEN SOLEIL AND MIRIANA – “He hurt me, he called me bad and stupid, she is the victim”, says Soleil who talks about the fight with Miriana for a curling iron. “He told me I’m in forced menopause, maybe he’s right,” replies Trevisan. “You know that you have removed Miriana’s uterus and you have had no respect”, attacks the Fox who is interrupted by Bruganelli who points out that Sorge has been addressed with far worse adjectives: “Miriana suffers from victimhood, provokes and then begins to cry”. “I apologize for what I said but you cannot address me with bad words”, defends Soleil.

DE BLANCK AND GIUCAS CASELLA – Countess Patrizia De Blanck enters the house for a clarification and immediately comes to terms with Giucas Casella who has declared that he had had a flirtation with her. “At least you haven’t hypnotized me I’ve never had an affair with you, never been a relationship neither sentimental nor sexual”, attacks Patrizia. Casella replies: “If you say so, I confirm everything, but you have lost your memory”. “You have lost your mind, you also said about Katia Ricciarelli, this is the result of a sick head”, continues De Blanck. “A man Katia and I have in common is Alberto Sordi”, continues Patrizia. “If Giucas came with us it was so short that we don’t remember him anymore”, concludes Ricciarelli.

LULU ‘IN CRISIS – After Lulu remained nominated with her sister Clarissa (Carmen Russo, Soleil worries e Manila Nazzaro have been saved) and goes into crisis, locks himself up in the bathroom and doesn’t want to know any more. Alfonso Signorini gets angry: “She is rude and we are not here to suffer the tantrums of a girl who does not accept the rules, many times in life we ​​have to accept things that we do not like, but this does not mean that we can send everyone to that country” . Lulu apologizes. The three sisters are “freezzed” and receive a visit from their cousin and burst into tears. “This is a life lesson, even if you separate you are very much loved by the public”, concludes the presenter. Between Lulu e Clarissa Selassiè Clarissa leaves the house.

THE APPOINTMENT – Katia is immune. Volpe makes Miriana, Sonia Silvestri immune. Alex appoints Patrizia, Carmen votes Maria Monsè, Lulù votes Alex, Maria instead Gianmaria, Giucas appoints Patrizia. Sophie appoints Gianmaria, who in turn appoints Lulu. Gessica appoints Gianmaria, Aldo instead Lulù, Francesca appoints Gessica. Soleil appoints Patrizia and Patrizia appoints Maria. Manila votes Gessica, Miriana votes Soleil, Davide appoints Lulu, Katia appoints Gessica. Lulù ends up in nomination (Gf puts her in nomination ex officio) and Gessica, Gianmaria and Patrizia.

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