Covid. Infections in school age are on the rise. Class quarantine returns even with a single case. The circular of the Ministry of Health

The weekly incidence is 125 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, “a value far from the optimal one of 50 per 100,000, useful for a correct tracking of cases”. Consequently, “it is considered appropriate to temporarily suspend the surveillance program with testing and to consider quarantine for all subjects close contact of a class / group where even a single case has occurred among students and / or school staff” . THE CIRCULAR

29 NOV – Dad’s ghost returns to schools. Due to the growth of infections in school age, a circular signed by the Director General of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Rezza, temporarily suspends the “surveillance with testing” program.

“Lately – reads the circular – we are witnessing a rapid and generalized increase in the number of new cases of Sars-CoV-2 infection, even in school age, with a weekly incidence (cases / population) still growing and equal to 125 per 100,000 inhabitants (11/19/2021 – 11/25/2021): a value far from the optimal one of 50 per 100,000, useful for correct case tracking “.

Hence the decision to return to consider quarantine “for all subjects in close contact with a class / group where there was even a single case among students and / or school staff”. In the event that the health authorities are unable to intervene promptly, the headmaster who becomes aware of a confirmed case in his school “is to be considered authorized, exceptionally and urgently, to arrange distance teaching immediately for the entire class group without prejudice to the assessments of the ASL in order to identify the subjects (to be considered ‘close contacts’ following an epidemiological investigation) to be formally subjected to the measure of quarantine “.

The opportunity remains valid for the Prevention Departments to choose the control strategy for the protection of public health for each individual epidemic outbreak investigation in the school setting.

November 29, 2021
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