Pretelli “rejected”: his quiz on Domenica In is a flop

Pretelli “rejected”: his quiz on Domenica In is a flop
Pretelli “rejected”: his quiz on Domenica In is a flop

Pierpaolo Pretelli he didn’t even have time to get acquainted with the studio and the cameras Sunday In. His space within Mara Venier’s Sunday broadcast was canceled after only two episodes. After the success a Such and what show, the presenter had wanted to reward the talent of the former gieffino, giving him a space within his transmission. A musical quiz, ironic and light, which apparently did not meet the public’s favor, forcing the authors to cancel it.

The debut a Sunday In by Pierpaolo Pretelli has caused a lot of discussion in recent weeks. After the experience al Big brother vip, the model and companion of Giulia Salemi participated in the latest edition of Such and what show, showing off for his skills as an entertainer. Mara Venier she noticed him and wanted him on her team of Sunday In, offering him a space dedicated to quizzes and music. On social networks, his debut as a host was not really convincing and the people of the web were divided between those who still found him immature and inexperienced and those who praised his determination and self-irony. The criticisms however, they also impressed the format created by authors and production: a music quiz already seen and reviewed.

The criticisms continued for two weeks, but when perhaps it was the auditel who spoke, Mara Venier had to take a step back. Pretelli’s space found it difficult to enter an already tested program with record ratings and the presenter wanted to communicate the cancellation to Pierpaolo Petrelli and the public in the last episode. “I have to give some great news: the game on Domenica In conducted by Pierpaolo Pretelli was so beautiful, strong, exceptional, they took it away from us.“, the presenter joked. Despite the flop record of his space – born and canceled in just two episodes – the former gieffino will not abandon Sunday In and the landlady: “No Pretelli I kept him, he is now close to his aunt“. Venier reassured the fans of the former velino and Alba Parietti, who in the studio was worried about the fate of her colleague. Pretelli should support Mara and the band in the reinterpretation of the Musichiere with the guests in the studio divided into teams as protagonists.


Pretelli rejected quiz Domenica flop

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