Greta Beccaglia, the journalist’s harasser is from Ancona

The author of the groping to the Tuscan journalist Greta Beccaglia during a link in the post-match of Empoli-Fiorentina (finished 2-1 in favor of the hosts) is a 45-year-old resident in the province of Ancona (in Chiaravalle). It was identified by the Empoli and Florence police stations after a careful investigation by crossing the surveillance cameras. In these days the complaint will be filed and the Police Headquarters will take action for everything concerning the Daspo procedure for the removal from the stadiums.

“If he apologizes, that man does the bare minimum. But an apology in these cases is not enough. Justice must take its course and establish that that shameful gesture is wrong. These gestures should never be made. Enough”. Thus, interviewed by Rainews, the journalist Greta Beccaglia, harassed last Saturday at the end of the Empoli – Fiorentina match, while she was engaged in a live broadcast for Toscana TV, commented on the identification of the person responsible for the incident: he is a 45-year-old from the Marches, resident in the province of Ancona, a Fiorentina supporter, who has been denounced. Beccaglia filed a lawsuit against him. «Thanks to the cameras it was possible to identify the perpetrator of this very ugly gesture – said the journalist – I tried to react politely on the spot to an unacceptable gesture. When I received the slap on the butt, I felt a lot of pain but I wanted to continue the live broadcast to give a positive message to the viewers. What embittered me – added Greta Beccaglia – was the attitude of other fans who told me things that were certainly not nice and I was afraid of the indifference around me. No one intervened to condemn the gesture, on the contrary another fan came up and touched me. The complaint I made is for the dignity of all women ».


Greta Beccaglia journalists harasser Ancona

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