Super and basic green pass: the new rules of sport – Chronicle

Super and basic green pass: the new rules of sport – Chronicle
Super and basic green pass: the new rules of sport – Chronicle

Bologna, 30 November 2021 – The Council of Ministers, on 24 November last, approved the decree “Super Green Pass“. It will be valid December 6 al January 15, 2022, with the possibility of extension. The decree provides for the introduction of a new one ‘Strengthened’ Green Pass obtained with vaccination or recovery from Covid-19. A ‘basic’ version of the green certification will remain in place, which is achieved by undergoing a swab with a negative result. there the differences between the two certifications in sports.

Indoor sports in the white and yellow zone

The ‘basic’ green certification, obtained with negative buffer, it will be enough to go in gym and in pool, in the white area and in the yellow area. This is the rule for users, but also for instructors. In fact, to access the workplace, just the Green Pass ‘base’. The same is not true for the categories affected by the vaccination obligation: health, military and school personnel. The ‘basic’ pass is enough for the dance schools, martial arts, artistic gymnastics, yoga and all other sporting activities that take place at the Closed.

Indoor sports in the orange zone

In the orange zone, on the other hand, the entrance to swimming pools and gyms and to all other places where indoor sports are practiced is allowed only to those who have the ‘strengthened’ Green Pass.

Indoor sports in the red zone

Not even to mention the red zone, in which the closures are valid for everyone, and therefore no one can access the sports facilities.

Ski resorts

To access the ski slopes, in the yellow and white areas, the ‘basic’ Green Pass will suffice. In orange, however, the ‘Super’ Green Pass is required. As well as the gyms, also the ski resorts remain closed in the red zone. It should be noted, however, that in order to use the catering services of mountain huts and mountain huts it is mandatory to show the ‘strengthened’ Green Pass.

Green pass e sport all’aperto

The unvaccinated, with only the ‘basic’ green certification, will be able to continue to carry out all outdoor sports activities (soccer, basketball, volleyball, jogging …). The novelty, however, is that the obligation to show the ‘basic’ Green Pass is also extended to the changing rooms. The ‘simple’ Green Pass also remains mandatory for competitive runners, for all FIDAL races.

Sport events

To access stadiums and arenas it will be mandatory to show the ‘strengthened’ pass even in the white area.

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