ARCTIC IRRUPTION in progress, SNOW TEMPORALS in the HILL with Tormente! Danger FROZEN NEXT HOURS »

LIVE Weather: ARCTIC IRRUPTION in progress, SNOW storms in the HILLS with Tormente! Danger FREEZE NEXT HOURS

Copious snow on the Apennines up to the hillsIt feels like the middle of winter! A’Arctic air breakthrough in these hours he is crossing Italy from north to south, responsible for a thermal drop, snowfall up the hill and then even frosts!

But let’s go in order by analyzing all the details.

In fact, the meteorological scenario of these hours is practically winter on many areas of the Center-South.
The name, accompanied by a rhombus of temporal, is falling widespread on many stretches of theCentral-southern Apennines at very low altitudes for the period, around 500-700 meters.
In the province of Viterbo “la dama bianca” is falling abundantly even around 450m (here the Video); the mountains of Sardinia are also white, with lots of snow at altitudes above 1000 m. There name he then also made his appearance in Campobasso during the morning of Monday 29 November. Whitewashed cars in Campobasso. Source:

It snows abundantly at low altitudes even in Sardinia, the province of Nuoro, where there are real storms that are causing many problems to the road system.

Snowfall in Desulo (NU) instagram @ danielamelis.itSnowfall in Desulo (NU) instagram @

But pay attention to next hours. Seen the further drop in temperatures will be possible copious snowfalls during the evening of Monday 29, also in the form of storm on the reliefs of Walk, Abruzzo, Molise, Lazio, Sardinia, Campania, Calabria e Basilicata starting from 500 meters, but locally at even lower altitudes by the next night.
The accumulate they really will be notable above 1000 meters, with more than 50-60 cm of fresh snow at the end of the event.

But that’s not all. In addition to the cold and snow, they will be in the news cold and the risk of extensive frosts, up to the plains.

Under the magnifying glass will mainly be the North where there is strong concern how long it could happen between the evening and the next night.
I already well active northerly winds are causing a general thermal drop that the next night it will be further highlighted with the foreseen and further clearings and with the consequent greater dispersion of heat towards the higher layers of the atmosphere.

Where will you risk the most? Surely in the Northwest, where we also expect values ​​of 3/4 ° C below zero. Great attention will have to be paid to the roads, especially those of mountain and hill where the name falling in the last 24 hours could form insidious slabs of ice with inevitable inconveniences and dangers to road traffic. Some areas of the Val Padana up to even the innermost sectors of the Center, Mostly in Tuscany.



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