Raphael: a mortal god, lectio by Vittorio Sgarbi

Milano – After making his debut at the Teatro Manzoni with his new show Dante Giotto, Vittorio Sgarbi is the protagonist of a lectio magistralis with free admission entitled Raphael: a mortal god in the Great Hall of Franco Parenti Theater from Milan. The appointment is for Tuesday 30 November 2021 at 18.00: a preview of his new, homonymous book due out in December.

Milano – Following Vasari’s work, Vittorio Sgarbi composes his own Raphael’s story, from the moving relationship with father and mother, al teaching of Pietro Perugino, come on frescoes in the Vatican Rooms until the turbid love for Fornarina which destabilized his Olympic calm.

Milano – Vittorio Sgarbi’s lecture on Raphael is a free entry subject to availability, in compliance with the anti Covid-19 regulations in force. For info and reservations contact the ticket office of the Franco Parenti Theater by calling the number 02 59995206 or away email.

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Raphael mortal god lectio Vittorio Sgarbi

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