Positive doctor violates the quarantine and goes to a No Vax demonstration

He deliberately violated the quarantine, knowing he was positive for Covid-19, and from Abruzzo together with his wife (who in the meantime was negative), he drove to Pordenone to participate in a No-vax demonstration yesterday. The couple, both doctors, had taken a room in a hotel: the man was denounced by the agents of the Pordenone Police Headquarters and invited to immediately reach his residence.

Vaccine rush, third dose record. And the hard core of the No Vax is eroded

by Michele Bocci

November 28, 2021

Agents of the Flying Squad then went to the hotel and found that the couple, residing in the province of Pescara, had arrived in Pordenone on Sunday 28 November to participate in the No Vax event held at the San Valentino Park.

Salmaso: “A first dose is worth more than a third. The unvaccinated must be convinced one by one”

by Elena Dusi

November 29, 2021

The investigations showed that, while the woman had been negativized by Covid-19, her 70-year-old husband was still positive, thus violating the state of quarantine, indicated in his home in Abruzzo. The man was therefore investigated in a state of freedom; the police ordered both of them to return immediately to their home without stopping, to restore the quarantine. The accommodation facility will sanitize the room occupied by the couple.

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