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Rape drug to the professionals of ‘Roma bene’, pusher on trial: 800 euros for 100ml

Rape drug to the professionals of ‘Roma bene’, pusher on trial: 800 euros for 100ml
Rape drug to the professionals of ‘Roma bene’, pusher on trial: 800 euros for 100ml

The five alleged pushers were sent to trial with immediate rite. They had been arrested on 21 September for selling shaboo and GHB.

Five people were indicted by the investigating judge of the Court of Rome in relation to the investigation into the trafficking and dealing of rape drugs in Rome. Three people had ended up in prison, while house arrest had been arranged for two others. The trial will begin in front of the Assize court on January 18th. Serious, according to the judge, the indications of guilt against the defendants, who will thus skip the preliminary hearing and will go to immediate judgment. The first hearing of the trial will be held on January 18th.

The two drug dealing groups, between shaboo and GHB

According to what emerged from the investigations of the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Rome, the group managed the drug dealing of rape in Rome, both serving the wealthy neighborhoods of the city, with clients such as lawyers, doctors, a senator, and others.ari ‘unsuspected’ professionals, but also the ethnic communities residing between Marconi and Monteverde Nuovo. The former mainly supplied themselves with rape drugs, also spending 800 euros per 100ml of narcotics, while the latter shaboo, mainly used to withstand very heavy workloads and not feel fatigue. A real scourge that has spread like wildfire among some communities.

The investigations taken in 2020: a woman found with 20 thousand euros of shaboo

Drug dealing had also continued during the lockdown, with couriers dressed as riders replying to customer messages on WhatsApp. In order not to be intercepted by the police they used code words such as ‘Gilda’, ‘Mafalda’ and water. Delivery usually took place at home. The investigations and the related investigation started in October 2020 following the arrest of a Chinese woman found at Termini station with about 20 thousand euros of shaboo on her. Also during the investigation, a girl was stopped by the military in front of Palazzo Madama, while she was making a delivery, this time of rape drugs.


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