“We cannot think of solving the transmission problem only in rich countries”

“It is a problem of international struggle, we cannot think of solving the problem only in rich countries“. Like this Massimo Galli a “Morning Five“on the risks of transmitting the variante Omicron in Western countries. “Poor countries, especially in Africa where vaccination has been insufficient with low or very low percentages, – considers Galli – are the area in which this new variant will circulate and in which other variants could also be generated precisely for this kind of situation: many infected, no protection and one facilitation for the virus to mutate“.


The infectious disease specialist, however, reiterates theimportance of the vaccine even in the face of variants. “It’s imperfect, but avoids hospitalization“, declares Galli citing the case of the Campania citizen in which the new Covid variant was identified.”He is a person who is fine, is asymptomatic. The double dose of the vaccine did not protect her from infection, but it also happened for many others who contracted the Delta variant infection, “he concludes.


solving transmission problem rich countries

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