“I would let Draghi work, wrong to pull him by the jacket” – Corriere.it

“I would let Draghi work, wrong to pull him by the jacket” – Corriere.it
“I would let Draghi work, wrong to pull him by the jacket” – Corriere.it
from Emanuele Buzzi

The M5S president: “We will work to ensure that the current legislature reaches its natural end”. Then on the Movement: “It has some uncertainty, but it will come together”

The future of the Movement, but also relations with Beppe Grillo and the choices for the Quirinale: Giuseppe Conte traces the horizon of the Five Stars during an interview with the deputy director Venanzio Postiglione for Corriere.it.

The government

“I would let Draghi work”, says the M5s president, who adds: “It is wrong to take the Prime Minister by the jacket every other day and the other as well.” The movement’s leader praises the government’s work on the vaccination campaign. And he assures: «I am not a haruspex, but we will work to ensure that the current legislature reaches its natural end. It is an anomaly that a legislature must be interrupted and that governments in Italy last so short “.

The Quirinal

Conte opens up a broad dialogue on the future head of state, which goes beyond the alignments and coalitions. For the Colle we need «a confrontation between groups, and for when there can be between a progressive area and one on the right. When one thinks of a figure who represents the unity of the country, an effort is needed to get out of a fence, from an area, and also to dialogue with the forces of the right ”.

The Five Stars

“It will be a movement, not a party with a traditional sense, a light structure, we will have a greater internal articulation and a more precise distinction of roles and figures,” said the former premier. Conte also comments on the difficulties that the Movement has: «We are going through a phase of new construction, of re-foundation, a new course that takes time to unravel, the sense of a common identification has not yet unfolded in all the components of the movement. It is understandable that there is still some attitude of uncertainty, but in the overwhelming majority of the movement there is a great disposition ».

The allies

Conte also talks about the progressive alliance. With the Democratic Party – he explains – “there is a privileged dialogue”, but the concept of “subordination I would exclude precisely, if we had to reflect on this, perhaps the subordination is more than the Democratic Party, which followed us” on various M5S battles, among these «The cut of the parliamentarians, the rdc, the superbonus. However, I repeat, that of subordination is a concept that I reject. If we work with them we do not want to pay homage to any hegemony, we are two different forces that can enrich the progressive field ».

Palazzo Chigi

Conte also talks about the months at Palazzo Chigi. “Nostalgia? I would say no, also because when I assumed that position I was perfectly aware that it was a temporally defined position and that it would have been a parenthesis. I never thought I’d have that experience for too long. I left that experience serenely, I think I did my duty, I was okay with my conscience and this allowed me to leave Palazzo Chigi with a smile ».


Conte also comments on the rumors of differences with the guarantor. «My relationship with Beppe Grillo? We talk very often and, beyond the current narrative, our relationships are good. There is great respect for his figure, for his role as a guarantee, for what he has done and will continue to do ».

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