“We still have goals to achieve”

“We still have goals to achieve”
“We still have goals to achieve”

Allegri press conference: the statements by the Juventus coach from Allianz Stadium on the eve of Salernitana Juve

(sent to Allianz Stadium) – The you immediately wants to forget the KO against Atalanta, starting from Tuesday, with the bianconeri who will face the Salerno.

On the day before, Monday 29 November, Massimiliano Allegri he spoke at the press conference at 12 to present the match in front of the media. Juventusnews24 followed his words LIVE.

SALERNITANA – «The Salerno match is also complicated on an environmental level because the fans make themselves heard. We must have a better approach than Verona, otherwise we risk getting slapped right away. We played a good match against Atalanta, we need to continue to work with serenity “.

CHANGE SOMETHING – “I’ve never invented anything. I made a virtue of necessity. In this moment it takes order, concreteness, serenity. This moment is part of the life of football: fortunately we still have many goals to achieve. The round of 16 of the Champions League, the Super Cup, the Italian Cup. In the championship it is a good run-up, we have to regroup as when there is a storm in the middle of the sea ».

PERIN OWNER AND RETURN DE SCIGLIO – “Perin no. We will see De Sciglio again with Genoa ».

MARKET CHOICES – “They were right. We scored a few goals, maybe everything will change tomorrow. It’s not that Morata has unlearned how to score, Kean and Dybala have goals in their legs. We will start scoring goals ».

CLARIFICATION ON MORATA – «On Saturday Morata played one of his best games since the season began: technically, temperamentally. He was one of the best on the pitch, and I’m sorry about that. Judgments must be made on the basis of objectivity: either I don’t understand anything, or there are points taken “.

CHIELLINI E KEAN – «Chiellini returns. We need his experience and the freshness of youth like Kean ».

FEW HEAD GOALS – “Kean attacks the area more. Having scored only one goal in the middle of the head is an objective fact, maybe from tomorrow things will change. The fact is that Morata always scored two goals, like Kean and Dybala. Kulusevski and Bernardeschi will have to score more goals. The performance was good, against an excellent Atalanta, who changed their way of playing to bring home the result ».

INJURIES CHURCH AND MCKENNIE – «How can Dybala and Kulusevski play together? Just give him the shirt and they play … As for injuries, for McKennie it is little stuff, Chiesa is already there writing the letter to Santa Claus. Bentancur is better, he has played many games. They are not machines, even the machines when they travel many kilometers the engines blow up. It is normal for there to be a little tiredness ».

KULUSEVSKI OWNER – «I don’t know if it’s the right solution, the only possible one is to win the game. Whether it’s Kulusevski, Soulé, Chiellini. The solution is to try to win, also because Salernitana played a heartfelt match in Cagliari. They are physicists, then if Ribery is on the pitch he always creates something “.

HOW IS THE TEAM – “We lack a little light-heartedness. We must all do our part, have an order, and spend this moment in the league. It takes calm and patience, we can’t do anything else. The more we get excited, the more we mess. Slowly things will come as a consequence ».

ISOLATE THE GROUP FROM EXTERNAL NEWS – «It’s not that we isolate ourselves, we are inside Juve. The president spoke to the team on Saturday, this morning to the employees. He reassured and reassured. He has several things to think about. “

KAIO JORGE – “He is a young boy who is growing up. He needs experience. We have other young people who can absolutely give us a hand ».

SOULE’ – «Not tomorrow. He is with us, we bring Soulé with us who is a technical, good player. A little youth is good “.

MUST – «I made a clarification because I don’t do your job. Some things are political parties and they are things I don’t like. It should be evaluated for the performance it has made. I would like to understand on what basis you make evaluations, there is a persistence on Morata and it is not good ».

YEAR OF TRANSITION – «There is no transition. We must be aware of being sixth in the standings, but responsible for being at Juventus and wanting to get the most out of it. We are in the second round of the Champions League, we have to play Supercoppa and Coppa Italia and we have a beautiful and stimulating run-up ».

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