Obligation to have a green pass to get on the metro, bus and tram in Milan: how will the controls be?

No green pass, no public transport. From next 6 December, Monday, to board Atm metro, buses and trams, the green anti-covid certificate will be required. From that day, in fact, the new decree of the Draghi government comes into force which introduces the super green pass – the “passport” that can only be obtained with a vaccine or recovery – and precisely the obligation to have a green pass – that is also valid. obtained with swabs – to travel on “regional and interregional rail transport services” and “local public transport services”.

The novelty inevitably forces Atm, Trenord and the police to reorganize to carry out checks on board the vehicles. The feeling is that the checks will be carried out on a random basis, as confirmed on Monday also by the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala. “There is a meeting with the Prefect, the checks can only be random, of course”, the words of the mayor. “Beyond our personnel we will ask the Prefect to activate the forces possible to help in the checks”. “So, random checks necessarily”, reiterated the mayor. And again: “Think if we had to put the controls on the boarding of each bus, it would be a bit complex”.

He himself then spoke of his ordinance which came into force over the weekend which provides for the obligation to wear a mask outdoors in the streets of the center. “It was an educational weekend, we decided not to fine and we will move on to fines later. What the police officers told me is that the vast majority of people had a mask and so it was a positive sign. Probably. Milan has anticipated a trend: I see, even speaking with other mayors, that everyone in crowded areas is preparing to put a similar ban “, Sala’s considerations on the sidelines of the presentation of the academic year of Humanitas University.

And on the hypothesis that the obligation is also extended to the rest of the city: “I don’t think so. But this will depend on the evolution of the pandemic. We have put this precautionary measure where there will be more crowds for Christmas shopping. For example, there will be no we felt we were not doing the tree, but we decided not to do the concert in Piazza Duomo – explained Sala -. The search for measures must go hand in hand with common sense. As for the Prima della Scala: I asked to the Board not to have dinner because there are 300 people in a closed place and it didn’t seem right. We have screens around the city. But for example I said not to put them in the Gallery because it is usually more crowded. therefore a golden rule but – he concluded – there is common sense measure by measure “.


Obligation green pass metro bus tram Milan controls

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