Gf Vip 6, Manuel Bortuzzo hard against Lulù Selassié: “If he came out? Maybe”

A new episode of the GF VIP and in addition to the new entrances, there will also be an elimination and among those who may leave the House tonight there is also the princess Lulu Selassié.

Not to seem particularly worried about its possible exit is Manuel Bortuzzo, who in the last few hours has uttered several phrases that are causing discussion.

Saturday evening, in fact, before i Vipponi stage their version of the Turandot (during which Alex and Soleil shared a passionate kiss) they were shown a video of the famous opera, during which Lulu – but not only her – fell asleep.

Particularly hard, on that occasion, was the reaction of the swimmer, whom he was talking to Aldo Montano e Davide Silvestri found disrespectful towards Katia the competitor’s behavior:

Lulu he said to me: ‘But could it be seen that I was sleeping?Katia when he saw her he made a face. Come on. How disgusting.

Then yesterday Manuel found himself talking to the new entry Patrizia Pellegrino of the stories born inside the House and the swimmer explained how the approach with Lulu:

It was nothing at first, it was just an exchange of affection, she marched on that thing and it went very fast. I found myself in trouble because I had on one side a person who was already telling me important things, but for me there has never been anything more than a physical attraction.

But what caused the most stir on the web was an answer given by Manuel Bortuzzo in the course of a speech made with Katia Ricciarelli. The two were on the veranda talking about nominations and Katia on the possibility that it will come out of the house Lulu tonight he said: “You may be left a widower“. To which Manuel he replied with a lapidary: “Perhaps“.

An exclamation that the web did not like and many pointed out that the swimmer is often too hard on the princess, who – although wrong – has always shown a sincere affection towards him.


Vip Manuel Bortuzzo hard Lulù Selassié

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