Vanessa Incontrada and Gabriele Pignotta in Sorry I’m in a meeting … can I call you back?

Milano – From 10 December 2021 to 2 January 2022 the 2021/2022 season of the Manzoni Theater in Milan continues with Vanessa Incontrada e Gabriele Pignotta protagonists of the comedy Sorry I’m in a meeting … can I call you back?. Written and directed by Gabriele Pignotta, the show also sees on stage Fabio Alvaro, Siddhartha Prestinari e Nick Nicolosi.

Milano – The show is staged on weekdays at 8.45pm and Sundays at 3.30pm (closed on Monday, as well as from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 December 2021; Saturday 18 December 2021 double repeats at 15.30 and 20.45). Sorry I’m in a meeting … can I call you back? will also staged on New Year’s Eve: two performances are scheduled for New Year’s Eve, Friday 31 December 2021 at 5.30 pm and 9.30 pm (the latter preceded by a dinner in the foyer of the Manzoni Theater), and one on New Year’s Eve, Saturday 1 January 2022 at 8.45 pm.

Milano – Pignotta paints the portrait of his generation, that of the forties today, grown up enough to be able to live chasing success and career, but not adult enough to be able to stop laughing and making fun of herself. Ex girls and ex boys who have become without realizing it women and men with a soul divided between ambitions and their own needs for affection, but also after all healthy carriers of a sentimental failure lived on the frenetic pace of an existence now dependent on technology that leaves no room for a normal and healthy life in interpersonal relationships.

What would happen if these same people, for a joke of one of them, found themselves protagonists of a reality show televisivo? The answer remains the property of an audience that, after having laughed at itself, questions itself for a long time about the meaning of many aspects of its life. Sorry I’m in a meeting … can I call you back? it is a current and acute comedy of misunderstandings which, with irony, invites you to reflect on the obsession with visibility and the desire for success that characterize our times.

Tickets: prestige 40 euros, super armchair 36 euros, armchair 27 euros. Tickets for New Year’s Eve: at 5.30 pm prestige 50 euro, very armchair 40 euro, armchair 30 euro; at 9.30 pm prestige € 90, arm chair € 63, armchair € 45. For further information contact the Manzoni Theater in Milan by calling the number 02 7636901.

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