rejected appeal of grandfather Shmuel Peleg-

rejected appeal of grandfather Shmuel Peleg-
rejected appeal of grandfather Shmuel Peleg-

The Israeli Supreme Court rejected the appeal of Shmuel Peleg, Eitan Biran’s grandfather: the child, the only survivor of the Mottarone tragedy, will return to Italy

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JERUSALEM – This time the formula of the judges within fifteen days really means that Eitan Biran will return to Italy as soon as his paternal aunt Aya is ready to leave with him. The Israeli Supreme Court rejected the appeal of the maternal grandparents: Shmuel Peleg and ex-wife Esther have no other courts to turn to in the battle for custody of the six-year-old child, his father Amit and his mother Tal died in the accident on the Mottarone on 23 May.

The State of Israel has given up a Jewish child, its defenseless citizen, without his voice being heard to make him live in a foreign land, far from his roots, from his beloved family, from where his parents and little brother are buried. what the Pelegs reiterate after the decision and what their lawyers repeated to the Tel Aviv family court (first ruling in favor of return) and district appeals judges (other confirmation). In fact, the Supreme Court did not want to deal with the case, considering the two previous degrees sufficient and motivated it in 17 pages that reconstruct all the passages.

Now the maternal grandparents are appealing to Italy to review the custody even if in recent months they have accused the country where Eitan grew up since he was one month old. We don’t trust local authorities, all the proceedings were done in a language we don’t understand.

September 11, the grandfather he had met the baby at his aunt’s house in Travac Siccomario – in the province of Pavia, where the parents also lived – and they went out for a ride. That turned out to be long. Helped by another Israeli, he had taken him by car to Lugano and from Switzerland they had taken off on a private jet to Tel Aviv. Since then Eitan in Israel has spent the days waiting for the first sentence shared between the two families, in recent weeks he has been with Aya.

Gabriel Alon Abutbul, the private security expert who Italian investigators identified as his grandfather’s accomplice, was arrested five days ago in Cyprus on an international arrest warrant and released today with the obligation to sign after paying a deposit of 200 thousand euros. The procedure for extradition to Italy will go ahead in the next hearings.

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rejected appeal grandfather Shmuel Peleg Corriereit

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