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The harassment live on the journalist Greta Beccaglia

The harassment live on the journalist Greta Beccaglia
The harassment live on the journalist Greta Beccaglia

On Saturday, the sports journalist Greta Beccaglia was harassed on live television by some fans at the end of the Empoli-Fiorentina Serie A football match: a man slapped her on the butt and two others gave her sexist phrases, while she was speaking in link with transmission All goals on Toscana Tv. The video of the episode circulated a lot over the weekend, attracting widespread criticism and demonstrations of solidarity towards Beccaglia.

The behavior of the TV presenter Giorgio Micheletti was also commented on and criticized a lot, after having witnessed the harassment he repeated to Beccaglia: “Come on, don’t take it”, adding that “you also grow through this experience”. Micheletti then said: «Let’s close it here like this, so at least you can react if you want. Not live, so we allow you to react because certain attitudes deserve some healthy slap from time to time which, if he had been a child, would have made them grow better ».

Beccaglia, after the initial reaction in which he told the abuser that he could not do what he had done, then commented on the incident on social media and in some interviews. She described what happened to her in more detail. He said that the attacker “first spat on his hand and then slapped me on the butt, strong, violent, which also hurt physically” and that “after some obscene praise shouted by some fans, another person , hooded, touched my private parts ». Beccaglia then commented that what struck her most was «the indifference around me. Everyone saw, no one said anything ».

Beccaglia also immediately asked for help on social networks to identify the offender and explained that he wanted to report. Monday 29 November, writes the Florentine courier, the man who slapped the journalist on the butt was identified by the Empoli police, crossing the live video with those of the surveillance cameras of the stadium: he is a Fiorentina fan. At the moment, the report of the reporter is expected to understand what will be the crime of which the man will be accused, and other investigations are underway.

The episode was also filmed and commented on by various politicians. The president of the Order of Journalists of Tuscany, Giampaolo Marchini, also criticized the conductor’s reaction: «The conductor invited the colleague not to take it. No word of solidarity was heard towards her from the conductor ». Micheletti wrote in the evening: «I apologize for the unhappy words used in the excited moment of the live broadcast on Saturday. At that moment my only interest was to be of help to Greta, “he said, explaining that he wanted to try to” prevent something worse from happening to her. ” «I know, Giorgio made a mistake, he did not immediately understand the gravity of the gesture. But don’t crucify him, he’s like a father to me, “Beccaglia asked.

The Empoli club, in a note, spoke of “an unfortunate episode that has nothing to do with the world of sport, and which should not be minimized”. The Fiorentina website, on the other hand, initially defined the harassment as a “stupid and uncivil gesture”.

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