“Juventus, relegation and revoked Scudetti”: the announcement by Codacons

Codacons has expressed itself clearly on the capital gains investigation that is concerning Juventus, but not only.

The Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating Juventus for alleged crimes such as false accounting and the issue of invoices for non-existent transactions. Everything is linked to the presence in the financial statements of capital gains and fees to agents who have aroused suspicion.

Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved and Federico Cherubini (© LaPresse)

The investigation concerns the balance sheets of the past three seasons, in which Juventus achieved the beauty of 282 million euros of capital gains. Several cards have been entered with valuations that appear increased precisely to help keep the accounts in balance. The Turin prosecutor must prove that there is fraudulent behavior and the Juventus club will do everything to defend itself.

Juventus, capital gain case: Codacons speaks

Marco Donzelli, president of Codacons, officially took a stand on the affair involving Juventus:

The accusatory system is very serious and sheds a sinister light on the latest football championships. If Juventus were to have illegitimately taken advantage of rival clubs with operations of this type, then the regularity of the last football championships would fail and, as a consequence, the Federation and the Market Competition Authority will have to intervene and sanction those responsible. Beyond individual responsibilities, the club will not be exempt from punishment”.

For this and for the protection of thousands of fans we will present a complaint to the Antitrust and the Federal Prosecutor asking for the rretrocession of the Juventus club to Serie B and the revocation of the last league titles won with the shadow of these potentially illegal operations“.


Juventus relegation revoked Scudetti announcement Codacons

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