the trailer “Carry On” shows Master Chief finally in action –

the trailer “Carry On” shows Master Chief finally in action –
the trailer “Carry On” shows Master Chief finally in action –

Halo Infinite continues its promotional campaign to the sound of trailer and commercials between live action and computer graphics, in this case with a video all focused on Master Chief in action on the battlefield, called “Carry On”.

This trailer is also part of the countryside of Microsoft and 343 Industries characterized by the concept of “become”, or “become Master Chief”, on which a large part of the promotional communication of Halo Infinite is based. Other videos released previously, such as the one on the shield, the one on the grapple and the one on the miners, are also constructed in such a way as to reveal how the Master Chief is the result of a choral effort of humanity in the fight against the Covenant, so bring with you all the hopes and commitment of many to save the Earth.

Carry On goes towards the final stages of this idea, and like the previous Forever We Fight we saw in the past few hours, it finally comes to show Master Chief in action, in this case with sequences of combat longer and more intense. This commercial is actually a sort of sequel to the previous one, as it takes up the few seconds in which we saw the protagonist of Halo Infinite and expands them to show the beginning of an epic battle against a brute.

It is clear how, in view of the release of theDecember 8, 2021, Microsoft has raised the pace with regard to communication related to Halo Infinite, now deploying the protagonist directly to advertise the upcoming game. A title that, moreover, is already playable in multiplayer from November 15th, with excellent feedback from the players apart from some criticisms regarding the progression system.


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