“Italy on the right path, its response to the crisis is very strong” – Corriere.it

“Italy on the right path, its response to the crisis is very strong” – Corriere.it
“Italy on the right path, its response to the crisis is very strong” – Corriere.it

“Italy has given a very strong response to the crisis and the reforms implemented convince the rating agencies that it has taken the right path”. She is convinced of it Christine Lagarde, president of the ECB interviewed Sunday evening by Fabio Fazio on “Che tempo che fa” on Raitre. In fact, it promotes the work done so far by the government, despite our country having been one of the most affected by the emergency: “The economic results are eloquent: Italy has overcome the pandemic well and yet it has been a very hit country with a contraction of 9 %, while now the economy grows by 6%, we are talking about 6.5-6.6%“. Lagarde is also confident that inflation will disappear in 2022: “I think it is linked to temporary phenomena, in Italy above all to the rise in energy prices”, but “in 2022 there will be significant changes, they are non-structural phenomena that will disappear”.

There was, he explains, “an excess of demand for goods and services with respect to supply, but supply and demand will soon be rebalanced”. It is on Next Generation Eu: “All Europeans have a huge responsibility to carry out this reform plan by demonstrating to cynics and skeptics what Europeans are capable of doing all together.” The pandemic still worries about economic recovery, “but I think we have learned a lot, now we know our enemy and are better equipped to respond to the risk of a fifth wave or the Omicron variant.”

Lagarde also speaks of quote rosa, «One of the solutions», but, he says, «we also need one support policy to encourage motherhood, women’s work e parental leave for both parents, as well as sharing family burdens “.

Meanwhile, Monday begins a key week for the Budget law under examination by the Senate. The Prime Minister Mario Draghi summoned the parliamentary group leaders and delegation heads of majority parties for an agreement on the most debated issues and to lock the text in Parliament.

It begins with the Five Stars, Monday afternoon at Palazzo Chigi where they will also find the ministers of economy and relations with the parliament Daniele Franco and Federico D’Incà. Tuesday will be the turn of Lega, Forza Italia and Pd, e Wednesday will be the turn of Italia Viva and Leu.

The deadline for tabling amendments expires on Monday. And the majority forces are ready to do battle. Matteo Salvini with the League will ask Draghi to block the increases in electricity and gas bills with the resources allocated to Basic income: “It is unthinkable to give 9 billion to too many smart and tax evaders, we help families and businesses that pay double for electricity and gas”. The response of the Five Stars was immediate: “It is not a political proposal but filth.” Salvini will also ask to “talk about clean, safe and green nuclear power”. Also Come on Italy, like the rest of the government allies, raises on the extension to the end of 2022 of the Superbonus 110% for youtyou: it says Silvio Berlusconi that the premier will also ask for more resources for tax cuts (3 billion) and the postponement of tax bills.

But Monday is also the day of the first meeting Franco-trade unions to talk about taxes and pensions. Set at 7 pm at the Ministry of Economy, the minister will illustrate to the leaders of Cgil, Cisl and Uil, Maurizio Landini, Luigi Sbarra and Pierpaolo Bombardieri, the government plan that reduces the personal income tax rates from 5 to 4 by abolishing the bracket to 41% and keeping that at 23% for the range up to 15 thousand euros. The unions are counting on the opening of a discussion table as promised by the premier and will reiterate the need to expand the no-tax area, to protect employees and pensioners and not to penalize those who lose the 80 euro bonus. The president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi also agrees: «In Italy we have 2 million incompetents, does anyone want to give an answer to these people? Now is the time ».


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