From 1 December all adults in Lazio will be able to book the third dose of the covid vaccine

The vaccination campaign of the Lazio region takes another leap forward. From next December 1st, in fact, all citizens of the region of age will be able to book the third dose of the vaccine.

The announcement came directly from the ministry, and reaffirmed by the Pontine Local Health Authority.

“The minimum interval foreseen for the administration of the ‘booster’ dose – write from the local health company of Latina – with m-RNA vaccine, (Pfizer or Moderna, considered substantially equivalent) to the categories for which it is already recommended and in the dosages authorized, is updated to five months (150 days) from the completion of the primary vaccination course, regardless of the vaccine previously used. In Lazio it will therefore always be possible to book through the site, providing the data of the health card and choosing the vaccination hub “.

Meanwhile, in the Lazio open days organized yesterday, Sunday 28 November, there was a sold out. All the doses available were administered, even in the two vaccination hubs of the province, the former Rossi Sud and the Itaca shopping center.


December adults Lazio book dose covid vaccine

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