“Juve and Italy will reach their goals”

ROMA – “I am optimistic, both Juve and Italy will reach their goals, Juve in the Champions League and the Azzurri at the World Cup. I don’t want to think of Italy not going to the World Cup, it would be a terrible blow. I’m sure it will pass, but our football is certainly not what it once was“. These are the words of Claudio Gentile on Radio I too sport. On Maradona:: “Napoli honored the anniversary of Maradona’s death in the best way. Among the number one players in football, in 1982 he was not yet ripe for Argentina. As a player, I don’t see anyone who has surpassed him in the rankings“. Finally, on the Juventus and the capital gains investigation: “Can he influence the team? I don’t know, maybe something can be brought onto the pitch. Allegri must forget the Scudetto but aim for the Champions League. If he didn’t go to the Champions League it would be an incredible failure“.

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