Traveling on our Mississippi in the Midwest of Italy

Traveling on our Mississippi in the Midwest of Italy
Traveling on our Mississippi in the Midwest of Italy

From the Black Hawk Bridge, on the river that is the symbol of the United States as told by Lynch, to the Ponte della Becca, in the iconic Po Valley. Analogies and differences of two perhaps not so different worlds

First of all, it is necessary to tell an American story – in the sense that it concerns the United States of America – which dates back to 1994 and is quite famous. In early July of that year Alvin Straight, a nearly seventy-four-year-old from Laurens, Iowa, learned of the stroke of his six-year-old brother Henry, who lived nearly two hundred miles to the east, in Blue River, Wisconsin. As soon as he received the news, Alvin decided to join him, but no longer possessing a driving license, he used a rather unusual means of transport to complete the journey: a green John Deere ride-on mower with a trailer coupled suitable for the strength of the towing vehicle, which contained a tent and everything that could have been used during the trip.

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Traveling Mississippi Midwest Italy

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