Cyberpunk 2077 has turned, CD Projekt RED looks to the future and ‘dances alone’

CD Projekt RED not for sale. Speaking to the business newspaper Rzeczpospolita, the software president of The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 Adam Kiciński discussed the future and confirmed the will of the group of remain independent.

“We have been saying for years that we intend to remain independent and we have no intention of becoming part of a larger company“, Kiciński said.” Furthermore, we are not looking for a strategic investor. “The executive excludes the possibility that someone will proceed with a hostile takeover and, indeed, says he is ready to raise on acquisitions, after the purchase of small development teams such as The Molasses Flood (The Flame in the Flood) and Digital Scapes, now CD Projekt Red Vancouver.

We do not rule out other operations of this type in the future. The purpose of our acquisitions is to strengthen our development teams and gain support in implementing our strategy. In this type of investment, we are more interested in experience and expertise and attach great importance to the team fitting into our group culture. “

Kicinski rimane confident also with regard to Cyberpunk 2077. “The biggest, most ambitious, and most complicated game in our 27-year history. In almost every respect, we have tried to take it one step further, as we have done with every The Witcher game they have presented.”

Releasing a game that opens a new franchise comes with a lot of challenges and risks, especially when the concept is so complex. We have created a huge and vibrant futuristic city called Night City, where the non-linear stories of the characters take place. We are proud of many aspects of the game, but as you know, not everything went well. However, the brand awareness of Cyberpunk that we have managed to build enormous and the game universe, with its characters, has conquered fans all over the world “.

“We believe that in the long run Cyberpunk 2077 will be perceived as an excellent game and, like our other titles, will sell for years, especially as the hardware becomes more powerful over time and we improve the game. We are continuously working on updates and are also developing a version for the latest generation of consoles. Of course, the original version taught us a lot. He gave us a slap and motivated us to make changes that will make us better in the future. “

50% off on Steam in these days of sales (costs 29.99), it seems that the “sentiment” of the players towards Cyberpunk 2077 has definitely changed, veering towards the best after a year of patches and corrections. Steam user reviews have improved dramatically and are “Mostly Positive” today. In recent days, thanks to the discount, many players have decided to buy the title and give it an opportunity.

The game’s quest director, Paweł Sasko, has chosen Twitter to thank those who have left a positive review in the last few days. A sign that in CD Projekt RED it was a very hard year after the controversy of the launch, especially as regards the versions intended for the “old gen” consoles.

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