Manuel Bortuzzo vs Lulù Selassié “Eliminated? Maybe! “/ Then the gossip” Disrespectful … “

Manuel Bortuzzo vs Lulù Selassié “Eliminated? Maybe! “/ Then the gossip” Disrespectful … “
Manuel Bortuzzo vs Lulù Selassié “Eliminated? Maybe! “/ Then the gossip” Disrespectful … “

Yesterday, Manuel Bortuzzo had several moments of release in the Casa del Big Brother Vip against the young princess Lulu Selassié. Between the two boys the atmosphere is now very tense, and if Lulu tries from time to time to get closer to the former swimmer, the latter has decided to set impassable stakes. Now, the young man intimately hopes that she is the eliminated of today’s episode. He let it slip during a conversation with yesterday Soleil Rises e Katia Ricciarelli.

The two women and the young friend were on the porch chatting when the focus shifted to the latest nominations. While Soleil and Katia rattled off the names of those who are at risk of elimination, the opera singer joked with Manuel: “If Lulu comes out you could be a widower”. Bortuzzo’s reply has displaced his tenants: “Perhaps!”, making Ricciarelli laugh heartily. An answer that, however, was not at all liked by the social people, who harshly criticized the boy, even accusing him of “wickedness” and inviting him to be kinder, but above all clearer towards the Ethiopian princess.

Manuel Bortuzzo and the intolerance for Lulù Selassié

The intolerance of Manuel Bortuzzo towards Lulu Selassié it now seems to have peaked. The boy would not have liked the attitude of the Princess at all during the staging of the Turandot. Lulu, in fact, would have dozed off and this would have tormented Manuel for the whole day yesterday, to the point of repeatedly gossiping the girl with Davide Silvestri, Aldo Montano e Giucas Casella.

Bortuzzo thundered against his old flirt now archived: “Only for the respect of the work, of Katia and of Big Brother who gave us this crazy thing… do you go to sleep? They are trifles but out of respect … he slept with his mouth open “. To make matters worse, the actor Davide thought of what happened as something disrespectful, also highlighting an episode that concerned him closely. Manuel then went on angrily: “Yesterday I was sleeping in my room and she started screaming with her sister, but loudly… she told me she hadn’t seen me. And is the pram next to the bed invisible? “. Shortly before, with the same companions in adventure, Manuel had once again commented in a contemptuous tone the attitude of Lulu during the vision of the Turandot: “Lulu said to me: ‘Did you see that I was sleeping?’ Katia made a face when she saw her. Come on. How disgusting”. Will his utterances be shown to the interested party on prime time today?



Manuel Bortuzzo Lulù Selassié Eliminated gossip Disrespectful

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