Stock Exchange: Europe opens higher, Omicron – Economy impact assessed

Stock Exchange: Europe opens higher, Omicron – Economy impact assessed
Stock Exchange: Europe opens higher, Omicron – Economy impact assessed

European stock exchanges rebound after Friday’s crash with fears over the new variant identified in Africa. Markets are willing to bet that Omicron will have a less demanding impact than originally anticipated.

While health assessments are underway, investors’ attention is now focused on the next moves by central banks, in particular the Fed, to support the economic recovery, also in light of inflation trends.

Start of session up for Frankfurt (+ 1.06%), Paris (+ 1.36%), Madrid (+ 1.01%) and London (+ 0.8%). On the currency front, the euro falls against the dollar to 1.1269.

The Milan stock exchange (+ 1.1%) continues to rise, in line with the other lists of the Old Continent. Markets rebound after Friday’s steep drop with alarm over coronavirus variant spotted in Africa. Tim slips in Piazza Affari (-1%), after Luigi Gubitosi’s step backwards and the delegations passed to the president Salvatore Rossi while Pietro Labriola is the general manager. After the initial decline, the spread between BTP and Bundrisal rises to 132 points, with the yield of the Italian ten-year approaching 1% (0.99%). In light of the banks with the Popolare di Sondrio (+ 6.6%) which flies after setting the meeting for the transformation into a spa. Banco Bpm (+ 1.6%), Carige (+ 1.2%), Intesa (+ 0.7%) and Bper (+ 0.5%) also performed well. Unicredit was positive (+ 0.9%), after the sale of npls for 2.2 billion, while Mps fell (-0.3%). Session marked by enthusiasm also for oil-related stocks with Eni (+ 2.2%), Tenaris (+ 1.8%) and Saipem (+ 1.9%). In contrast to the trend of the Ftse Mib there are Atlantia (-0.2%) and Diasorin (-0.8%). Out of the main list Juve appears nervous (-3.4%), grappling with the investigation into the accounts and the injury of Federico Chiesa who will be able to return in January 2022.


Stock Exchange Europe opens higher Omicron Economy impact assessed

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