Vegan rejects the vaccine because it was tested on animals: he died of Covid

November 29, 2021 11:06 AM

The last words of the 54-year-old Englishman to his wife from intensive care in Worcester: “I’ve never been so sick, I wish I’d had the vaccine”

Glynn Steel tested positive for coronavirus on October 27. After five days he got worse and his wife took him to the hospital in Worcester, where he was taken to intensive care and put into a medically induced coma. He died on November 16, two months before his 55th birthday. The wife told her last words to the English newspapers: “He was begging for the vaccine while he was in the intensive care unit, before being intubated. But the nurses explained it was too late. I cried every night until the tears ran out. “

Steel planned to retire early and to pursue travel and animal care. As a vegan, he refused Covid vaccination after discovering that drug companies test vaccines on animals. It is a legally required step to get the drug approved for men. Now Steel’s wife, who was already immunized with two doses, says she will face “an empty and lonely future” and makes an appeal: “I ask everyone I know to get vaccinated“.


Vegan rejects vaccine tested animals died Covid

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