Polar air over Italy, first snowfalls at low altitude

Polar air over Italy, first snowfalls at low altitude
Polar air over Italy, first snowfalls at low altitude

AGI – Again bad weather over Italy with storms, snow at low altitudes and a more and more rigid climate. IlMeteo.it announces that already in the next few hours we will have to deal with the effects produced by an insidious polar invasion: real storms are not to be excluded, with accumulations of rain up to 100 mm (100 liters per square meter) in short while.

The regions most at risk are Lazio, Campania, Basilicata, Molise, Puglia, Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily. The snow will fall along the Apennines and on the Sardinian mountains, with flakes at very low altitude for this period and up to below 500/600 meters. Furthermore, maximum attention to the cold winds that will blow from the northern quadrants (Bora and Mistral) over the whole of Italy. Especially on the two major islands, stormy gusts of over 100 km / h are expected with the more than real risk of storm surges.

In the North we will have a higher sunshine, but pay attention to the temperatures: the cold will be really intense, with values ​​that will drop to below 0 ° C at night and not only on the mountains and in the alpine valleys, but also on many stretches of the Po Valley. Here we could easily experiment the first extended frosts of the season which will be more evident in the suburban areas and in the open countryside where the mercury columns will be able to drop further than inside the big cities.

The first inconveniences in Sardinia after the snowfall

It is an emergency in the Oristano area and in Central Sardinia due to rain, ice, wind and snow. A team of firefighters from Oristano, with a mobile crane, intervened this morning together with colleagues from Macomer (Nuoro) for a truck placed across the road at the northern exit of the town of Marghine, due to the presence of snow and ice on the roadway. New floods are reported during the night in the Oristano area in the area between Solarussa and Siamaggiore, with inconveniences along the provincial road. The situation is constantly monitored by the mayor of Solarussa Mario Tendas.

Damage caused by the rain and wind are also recorded in Oristano: for fallen tree branches the firefighters carry out interventions in via Petri, via Libeccio and via Quasimodo. Several garbage cans were also damaged, blown up by the wind and ended up under cars. Similar problems caused by wind and rain are reported in the marina of San Vero Milis: the mayor Luigi Tedeschi and the municipal technicians have announced an inspection for an exact quantification of the damage.

Cold and snow also hit the center of Sardinia, in the wake of the wave of bad weather that hit the island over the weekend of 27-28 November. The most critical situation – reports the provincial command of the Nuoro firefighters – is between Gavoi, Sorgono and Belvì, in the Nuorese area, where interventions are underway to restore traffic, from the removal of traffic obstacles to the safety of trees weighed down by snow. Today schools remain closed di Lanusei, in Ogliastra, and to Esterzili, a small town in the Barbagia di Seulo affected by fifteen centimeters of snow and risk of freezing.

Disruptions also on the state road 389 Nuoro-Lanusei, where an articulated lorry, before dawn, got sideways due to the road surface made slippery by the snow. Only bruises for the two people on board, rescued by 118 ambulances. Similar dynamics for the accident that took place shortly after, at the northern exit of Macomer, for which two fire brigade teams from Oristano and Macomer intervened .

Snow in the Nuorese area

Open schools but strong slowdowns in circulationinstead, in Nuoro, where normality is back on the SS 131 at the entrance to the capital. A road accident in the direction of the city center involved two vehicles. “According to forecasts, the weather situation in Nuoro should improve in the second half of the morning with a rise in temperatures”, predicts Colonel Gioni Biagioni, director of the Nuoro Civil Protection. The Municipality of Nuoro has activated the COC-municipal operational center to coordinate the interventions and the first salt spreaders are already in action. The recommendations of the Protection for motorists who have to move around the capital of Barbagia are the usual ones: use caution, avoid steep climbs and descents, preferring flat routes, use high gears and avoid hard braking.

In Nuoro Mayor Andrea Soddu signed an ordinance which provides that schools remain open until the end of the lessons, to avoid a sudden increase in traffic. At the same time, however, primary school parents are given the opportunity to pick up their children from school from 11.30, in case of need. The municipal administration communicates it.

Sharp drop in temperatures in Calabria

The bad weather that has been raging for days on Calabria has brought a sharp drop in temperatures and heavy snowfalls on all mountain areas, as well as rain and wind. It snows on Sila and Pollino and the main tourist centers are covered with snow above 1,200 meters. Hailstorms are reported in various pre-mountain areas. For the next few hours, forecasts still indicate a drop in temperatures that could bring snow up to 900 meters above sea level. At the moment the bad weather conditions are not causing particular inconvenience, even if on many internal roads it is difficult to circulate due to the snow.

Schools in the province of Viterbo closed

Half the province of Viterbo, this morning, woke up covered by snow up to ten centimeters. The northern part of Tuscia is whitewashed due to the snow that started last night and is still continuing today. A situation that has caused numerous inconveniences to transport and schools, given that the provincial roads are practically impassable. Closed complexes in San Lorenzo Nuovo, Gradoli, Acquapendente, Montefiascone, Bagnoregio, Valentano, Bolsena, Grotte di Castro, Onano. The mayor of Latera Francesco Di Biagi invited citizens to “move only if strictly necessary”. A truck went off the road near Gradoli. Even the lower Tuscia, especially in the Cimini mountains, is waiting for the first flakes. The streets, meanwhile, are frozen over.

Forecasts for Tuesday 30 November and Wednesday 1 December

After a Tuesday 30th November more stable for all from Wednesday 1 December a new vortex fed by currents descending from Northern Europe will deepen on our seas, triggering yet another wave of bad weather, with the risk of storms and intense rains first on Sardinia and on the regions of the Center-South especially the Tyrrhenian sector, then also in the North in particular on Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Triveneto.

In detail:

Tuesday 30 – In the north mostly sunny, morning frosts. In the center of the prevailing sun. In the south a bit unstable on Puglia and between Sicily and Calabria.

Wednesday 1 December – In the north it covers itself from the afternoon, showers on La Spezia. In the center it worsens on the Tyrrhenian regions and in Sardinia with showers from the afternoon / evening. In the south it gets worse in Campania with rains by evening. Thursday with bad weather over most of Italy.

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