POWER | Extensive anti-mafia operation: the names of the 38 arrested and the details

Potenza, Monday 29 November 2021 – Following a vast and articulated investigation coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Potenza and conducted by the Organized Crime Section of the Potenza Mobile Squad, we proceeded with the support and collaboration of the agents of the Mobile Squads of other twenty capitals of the whole Italy and the Crime Prevention Departments of Lazio, Campania, Umbria, Abruzzo, Puglia, Sicily and Calabria, of two canine units and a helipad from Reggio Calabria, to be carried out, during the preliminary investigations, in the territory of Potenza and in various municipalities of the province, of 38 personal precautionary measures, issued by the investigating judge of the Lucanian capital. The restrictive measures were applied to subjects considered seriously suspected of belonging to the mafia-type association called “Martorano-Stefanutti”, operating in the territory of Potenza and its province, with extension also in the territory of Matera, or under various grounds for criminal association aimed at trafficking and dealing in drugs, extortion, illegal possession and carrying of firearms, damage followed by fire and more, aggravated by the facilitation and the mafia method.

In particular, they have been applied 28 measures of pre-trial detention in prison towards:

  • MARTORANO Renato,
  • STEFANUTTI Dorino Rocco,
  • LORUSSO Donato,
  • PEACE Giambattista (cl. 92),
  • PEACE Giambattista (cl. ’52),
  • QUARATINO Giovanni,
  • ROMAN Salvatore Francesco,
  • SANTORO Salvatore,
  • SARLI Michele,
  • SARLI Nicola, known as “Sciassi”,
  • STOP Rocco,
  • BENEDICT Rocco,
  • BRUNO Marco,
  • CARLUCCI Domenico,
  • LAMONEA Enrico Michele,
  • LO PIANO Umberto,
  • MASOTTI Antonio,
  • NUCITO Mirco,
  • ORLANDO Federico,
  • PANGRAZIO Lodovico,
  • SCALESE Valentino,
  • TANCREDI Giovanni,
  • SLUT Carlo,
  • VECE Gerardo;

9 measures of house arrest towards:

  • STEFANUTTI Albina,
  • STEFANUTTI Manuela,
  • DELLA LUNA Rocco,
  • D’ASCOLI Elvira,
  • HALTER Potito,
  • BY GIUSEPPE Mario,
  • RIVIEZZI Francesco Michele,
  • CALABRONE Lorys,
  • SACCONE Federico,
  • and a ban on residence in the province of Potenza against TOMASCO Giacinto Daniel.

During the same operational context, furthermore, n. 7 home and personal searches with regard to as many subjects residing in the territory of Potenza and neighboring municipalities.

The investigation – the result of a vast, capillary and complex activity carried out by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Potenza and by the local Organized Crime Section of the Mobile Squad, through telephone and telematic wiretapping, traditional and remote stalking, GPS tracking, document acquisitions, numerous interrogations of witnesses and collaborators of justice dissociated from the mafia associations – Lucanian, Calabrian and Sicilian – to which they belong – allowed to collect a serious circumstantial framework regarding the permanence and operational continuity of the “Martorano-Stefanutti” clan of Potenza, strengthened by release before STEFANUTTI Dorino Rocco and then of MARTORANO Renato, believed to be at the top of the Potentine faction, widely recognized by the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta and by the Lucanian, Sicilian and Apulian mafia clans. The investigations, in the course of which documents containing real affiliation rites, rules, organization charts and top roles of the `ndrangheta gangs were acquired, revealed the existence of solid ties maintained and consolidated over the years by the Lucanian association with some of the most accredited clans on the national territory, such as that of “Pesce-Bellocco” di Rosarno (Rc) and that of Great Aracrì’ of Cutro (Kr), with whom a consistent and lasting relationship of criminal collaboration has been built up over the years, especially in the elective sector of video games, for which the DDA from Potenza has already carried out another investigation in the past that has led in the course of this year to the first sentences of conviction, among others, against the historic head of the Calabrian clan, GRANDE ARACRI Nicolino, and subjects close to him. Other extraterritorial criminal projections appear to involve exponents of both the Sicilian mafia, linked to the association of SA1VTAPAOLA of Catania, and of associations present and operating in Puglia and Basilicata. The investigation has shed light on the widespread interpenetration of the Potentian association in the economic and entrepreneurial fabric of the city, also pursued through the repeated use of striking intimidating actions, such as lastly that of March last year, when four shots were fired against the home of an entrepreneur from Palomonte.

The investigative reconstruction of over fifteen years of criminal actions attributable to members of the association has made it possible to trace – on the basis of clues considered serious by the investigating judge – the furrow of a new criminal course active in the city of Potenza, clearly aimed at achieving and consolidating the monopoly on specific sectors, including the installation and management of video-poker machines and the security and surveillance services inside discotheques. The strong ability to infiltrate the direct or indirect management of public works and service contracts through a dense network of contiguity and connivance that has crept into the institutional spheres, as in the case of a trade union acronym active in the compact, emerged in the strategic-operational spectrum of the association. health care that, also through the use of taxing and intimidating methods, has allowed for a long time a “domesticated” management of the employees of the Kuadra company, already entrusted with the cleaning services at theSan Carlo Hospital of Potenza, favoring in fact, the concentration of the control of hiring and dismissals in the hands of the elders of the criminal association, who in this way have gained a strong sphere of influence and social credit on the territory. The investigation also revealed the common and shared direction of the Potentine faction with the GRANDE ARACRI clan of Cutro also in the extortion action perpetrated against another company entrusted with waste collection and disposal services at the San Carlo Hospital in Potenza. , Environmental Safeguard spa, an action for which LORUSSO Donato, a member of the Lucanian association, has already been definitively condemned. The investigative findings have returned the circumstantial picture of a renewed criminal season which has also unfolded through the repetition of intimidating actions carried out according to typically mafia style, evocative of the guarantee of protection in the territory and the need for assistance to prisoners, also through the use of weapons, sometimes also used for internal settling of accounts, as in the case of a gun seized in August 2020 in the context of an argument for drug credits. Weapons and drugs appear to represent another sector of pre-eminent interest of the association, as also confirmed by the arrest of SARLI Miche and SARLI Nicola, in May 2020, following the discovery of two guns, as well as cocaine and marijuana which the same held in a rural house on the outskirts of Potenza, and from other arrests and seizures of drugs, carried out during the current year precisely in response to the investigative findings, such as the one against the barber GIORDANO Enz and the bartender LO PIANO Umberto. The lucrative drug sector has allowed the clan – which appears to have been structured in a real articulation dedicated to this kind of illicit business, hence the dispute, also, of an association aimed at drug trafficking – to move large sums of money, also partly intended for assistance in favor of detained associates, according to the consolidated system of the so-called “Basin”, typical of mafia associations, or a form of mutual assistance that was recently observed during the detention of STEFANUTTI Dorino Rocco at the Melfi prison where, through his relatives, he in addition to receive constant material assistance, gave specific directives to the outside world, including through the delivery of “pizzini“, Thus continuing to maintain control of the association. In conclusion, the numerous restrictive measures adopted downstream of the investigations, based on serious indications of guilt, which obviously must be consolidated in the trial phase, represent a further piece of the overall action to combat organized crime in Basilicata, which the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Potenza , thanks to the commendable contribution of the police forces, it is conducting on a territory in which the criminal presence, markedly mafia-based, represents an undeniable reality that affects, in equal measure, the provinces of Potenza and Matera. All this, if on the one hand it requires that, at every level, do not delay yet in dangerous underestimation of the phenomenon, on the other hand, it has made and makes constant, on this very important front, the daily, professional and systematic commitment of the Forces. of the Lucanian Police and Magistracy.

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