A “record-breaking” Christmas: 30 km of lights from the center to the suburbs

A “record-breaking” Christmas: 30 km of lights from the center to the suburbs
A “record-breaking” Christmas: 30 km of lights from the center to the suburbs

Milan lights up for Christmas. And it does so “by record”: there will be 30 kilometers for over 200 streets that will be decorated thanks to the contribution of 14 sponsors who have responded to the notice of the Municipality by presenting projects to illuminate districts and commercial streets in the center and in the suburbs.

If in the heart of the city there will be 12 kilometers, in the rest of the districts there will be at least 18, a length never reached before: in 2019, the year before the pandemic, the kilometers covered by lights were 12 (10.5 in the center and 1.5 in the neighborhoods, less than half today) for about 180 streets, while last year there were only 9 (7 in the center and 2 in the neighborhoods).

The 30 kilometers of the sponsors will then be added to the other streets decorated thanks to the projects of the various neighborhood associations which until December 14 will be able to participate, with their projects, in the notice of the Municipality and receive up to 3 thousand euros in contributions, for a total of 75 thousand euros.

«We are delighted for this extraordinary result – declares the councilor for economic development Alessia Cappello -. Thanks to a fruitful and renewed collaboration between public and private sectors, we have managed to give Milan the image of the past and overcome it since we will have more illuminated streets and in more areas of the city. It is a message of beauty and hope that we want to send to everyone. Now – adds the councilor Cappello – we hope that the citizens will seize the opportunity to give impetus to the commercial activities even of the small shops that animate the neighborhoods and which in this last year have suffered the most ».

Fourteen sponsors took part in the tender for about 1.4 million euros. This too is a result never achieved before, not even in the year following Expo: in 2020 there were 4 sponsors, 8 in 2019, 11 in 2018, 8 in 2017, 10 in 2016 7 in 2015. We are talking about Dior, Netflix, Nivea, Unieuro, Ralph Lauren, Galbanetto, Discovery Italia, Nexi, Veralab, Giochi Preziosi, Montenapoleone District, Banca Mediolanum, Nhood Service, Urban Up Unipol. To the list is added Hines – who did not participate in the tender – but who will support, in the same way, the lighting of via del Gesù in the center and a school) in the suburbs.

The streets Saponaro, Baroni, Arici, De la Salle, Ornato, Rotta, Hermada and Scrivia, Don Bosco, Rapisardi, Fontanelli, Griffini, Guintellino, Grazioli, Traversi, De Roberto, Ripamonti, Gallura, Carli, Padua, Ceriani shine in the neighborhoods , Fulton, Acerbi and numerous streets in Affori. Still via Tartini, Michelino da Besozzo, Masolino da Panicale, Brusuglio, Forze Amate, between the squares of San Luigi, Selinunte, Prealpi, Dergano and piazza Bruzzano.

Some covered markets will also be illuminated: Prealpi, Chiarelli, Montegani, Lorenteggio and Ponte Lambro. Instead, thanks to projects by consortia of traders, the lights will also be lit in the covered markets Wagner and Morsenchio.

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