Greta Beccaglia, identified the fan who harassed the journalist after Empoli-Fiorentina

Greta Beccaglia, identified the fan who harassed the journalist after Empoli-Fiorentina
Greta Beccaglia, identified the fan who harassed the journalist after Empoli-Fiorentina

The Fiorentina fan who on Saturday evening, after the Empoli-Fiorentina match, harassed the sports journalist, Greta Beccaglia, been identified by the Empol policethe. The agents identified him crossing the video of the harassment with those of the surveillance cameras of the stadium. Other investigations are underway. In the next few hours, the police will report to the Prosecutor’s Office, after the reporter filed a complaint. The alleged offense is harassment. Attempts are being made to identify the other fans who harassed the reporter in the same circumstance outside the Castellani stadium, on the outflow side of the purple fans.

The incident of harassment

During the live broadcast of Toscana Tv outside the Castellani stadium, the journalist was harassed by some fans. First the groping in the rear and then the slimy appreciations. The reporter’s reaction was quick and she had to defend herself twice: first by the fans around her who, in turn, tried to annoy her in some way and then by the attitude of the conductor who invited her not to take it from the studio. But the harassment wasn’t limited to what the cameras could document. As told by the same reporter, at a direct end another individual would have approached who would have tried to touch her in the private parts a few times, before the intervention of the cameraman who would have removed him. I can’t go to work quietly just because I’m a young woman. I am shocked and afraid. Someone advises me not to file a complaint – revealed Greta -, but these are very serious and unacceptable things that have marked and deeply embittered me.

The conductor

Our mistake was first of all organizational, we should not have left our journalist alone in the midst of a crowd of “beings” with an IQ below zero. This is how Giorgio Micheletti, the host of the Toscana Tv show where the reporter Greta Beccaglia works, responds to the accusations of having minimized and normalized sexual harassment. My intent, when I asked her not to take it, was to lighten to help Greta’s lack of experience in managing a difficult situation like the one she had to face. I first thought of her from a professional point of view, because she had the psychological pressure of having to manage a live broadcast, I tried to reassure her – continues Micheletti -, I didn’t want to minimize what had happened, but to prevent something worse from happening to her. I’m not the one to decide, but I hope that Greta will continue to go direct outside the stadsi, I don’t think what happened is preventing her from pursuing a career, but probably certain sectors of the stadiums are frequented by very unintelligent people. But to intervene in defense of Giorgio Micheletti the same journalist: on social media she mainly shot the video in which he tells me not to take it, but then the transmission continues and he is the first to condemn the harassment I have suffered.

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Greta Beccaglia identified fan harassed journalist EmpoliFiorentina

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