WhatsApp, the latest update risks blocking everything: how to solve

The latest WhatsApp update risks blocking the application. Let’s see how to solve the problem due to the last update.

Crash with the new application update (via screenshot)

In recent days WhatsApp Beta has released a few updates: : the version for android and that for iOS. However, both updates seem to create problems for the application. In fact, many Apple users have reported a bug that blocks immediately service. While for Andorid users the bug occurs mainly for those in possession of Android 12thus preventing normal operation.

Fortunately, solving the problem is very simple. In fact, for Apple it will be necessary to perform the following steps: TestFlight> Select WhatsApp Messenger (or WhatsApp Business)> Previous Builds> Install a previous beta build. To preserve the chats, however, users will have to do the backup before updating. While instead for Android it will simply be necessary manually delete the application and install the previous version with APK Mirror.

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WhatsApp, a highly anticipated feature is coming: what changes

The latest update on the messaging application (websource)

WhatsApp it is certainly the most famous messaging application in the world. Indeed they are over 2 billion users active within the service of Meta. Soon a new update will revolutionize the app and allow users more customization. I am coming to WhatsApp the personalized stickers. In fact, to date the “stickers” to be used in chat had to be made through the use of other apps, but soon this one function will become internal.

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This means that users will soon be able to create and edit stickers within the application itself. You can then add a writing or another sticker until the image is cut or a emoji. Thus the app is strengthening its leadership position within the social giant Meta. At the moment the update is only available for web version. But soon Meta will also add it for smartphone iOS e Android.

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