“He didn’t tell the truth.” The prosecution unmasks Hope

“He didn’t tell the truth.” The prosecution unmasks Hope
“He didn’t tell the truth.” The prosecution unmasks Hope

Two sentences, apparently innocent, but which can earthquake politics. Guarantees require caution: not everything that comes from the prosecution shines. But the comment of the chief prosecutor of Bergamo, Antonio Chiappani, on the investigation that tries to reconstruct errors and delays in the first phase of the pandemic risks cracking the walls of viale Lungotevere Ripa 1. Headquarters of the Ministry of Health. “The Minister Hope he did not tell truthful things – says Chiappani al Tomorrow – this too we will have to evaluate ”. And again: the minutes in which Silvio Brusaferro he declares that he has never seen the famous pandemic plan of 2006, never applied despite containing useful indications against unknown flu viruses, “he declared it, reread and signed it”. Was it possible that the top of the ISS was not aware of the document? If so, who was it to keep it hidden from him?

The investigations of Bergamo

These are the news that emerge today on the long controversy that revolves around the investigation of the prosecutor of Bergamo, born from the complaints presented by the victims’ families and then extended to Rome and Geneva. The veins are numerous. On the one hand, the six under investigation for culpable and false epidemic, which mainly concern the outbreak in Bergamo and in Val Seriana. On the other, the storm on the WHO dossier written by Francesco Zambon and immediately withdrawn, at the center of an international intrigue involving China, the leaders of the World Health Organization and our Ministry of Health, accused of having pressured to withdraw the report that defined the response as “improvised, chaotic and creative” Italian to the virus. Finally, in the background remains the question of Italian pandemic plan: although stopped in 2006 without updates, many believe that it still contained useful information to deal with an unknown epidemic. The Plan, however, was “discarded” by the ministry’s task force, which preferred to draw up a new document from scratch – defined as a “secret plan” – based on Stefano Merler’s epidemiological scenarios. In a few weeks, the Bergamo prosecutors, coordinated by Maria Cristina Rota, should close the investigation. And they are not excluded new warranty notices, also excellent.

The WHO file withdrawn

Let’s start with the WHO dossier. Report in recent days it has published some chats by Speranza and Brusaferro that would show how the ministry would have tried to “kill” the report by putting pressure on the WHO. In Parliament, Speranza said that the choice to withdraw it was taken independently by Geneva. Position that, according to Tomorrow, he would have reiterated before the magistrates. However, the text messages seem to say the opposite, or at least that Italy moved to prevent it from being republished: “I’m looking at the WHO report. With Kluge (WHO Europe director, ed) I’ll be very hard. I do not think he is doing enormous damage. Perhaps only on deaths ”, the minister wrote to Brusaferro on 14 May. Later he adds: “[Kluge] he called me. He apologized. I reiterated that at the moment I was not commenting on the contents but on the method. He confirmed that he has withdrawn it and that he intends to discuss it with us. I believe they will carry out an internal investigation into the responsibilities ”. A few hours later, in an email, Kluge himself will report to Zambon theirritation of the minister “Very annoyed” by what happened. Here there are two questions: Did Speranza press for the dossier not to be republished? And did he lie to Parliament and the judges on some occasion? According to Chiappani, yes, a declaration that could lead to the inclusion of the minister in the register of suspects for false statements made to prosecutors. As happened for Ranieri Guerra.

The pandemic plan and the secret plan

Another game is that of the pandemic plan and the secret plan, rebuilt in Coronavirus Black Book (Historica Edizioni). As is known, Italy had one available, although not updated. For Speranza Sars-CoV-2 is a “totally new” pathogen, different from the departing Sars and Mers, therefore it was “completely clear that the 2006 influenza mandemic plan was not enough”. This document would have been “enhanced” only in the “useful and functional” parts, to then try to “go much further”. Decision that many dispute. Meanwhile, because on January 5, the WHO sent an alert suggesting that public health measures be put into practice, including those on influenza surveillance. Then because even Guerra believes that the plan was “valid” and useful, as Andrea Crisanti, consultant of the Bergamo prosecutor’s office, is convinced of it. And finally, because on 29 January the director of Spallanzani, Giuseppe Ippolito, suggested during the task force to “refer to the methodologies of the pandemic plan that Italy is equipped with and to adapt them to the guidelines made public by the WHO”. Why wasn’t it done? And why did Brusaferro & co decide to set up a working group within the CTS to draw up a “new” plan, which was then classified?

Questions to which the prosecutor, after having heard dozens of people, including Speranza, Conte and the heads of the ministry, is trying to answer. Starting with the most politically burning one: is it true, as the prosecutor Chiappani believes, that the minister “did not tell truthful things”? Giornale.it Consuelo Locati, at the head of the legal team of the relatives of the victims – not only on the criminal law but also on the civil law and, in this way, explains the lack of trust that even today millions of citizens show to have in his department and in the documents emanated from the same. We confidently await the developments of the investigation conducted by the Bergamo Public Prosecutor’s Office and we trust in justice, including civil law “.

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