“Off December 23rd. Fourth dose for adults? I don’t exclude it “

“Off December 23rd. Fourth dose for adults? I don’t exclude it “
“Off December 23rd. Fourth dose for adults? I don’t exclude it “

For the vaccine for children aged 5-11 there is now also the date of departure in Italy. Waiting for the go-ahead from Aifa this week for the vaccine in pediatric age to begin with the administration «on December 23, then maybe it will be a few days before or a few days later. Simply because pediatric formulations will be available by that date, as the dose for the age group 5-11 years is one third, 10 micrograms, compared to the adult dose. We really wanted to avoid taking adults from vials, because it would have created somewhat random situations, so we preferred to wait for the availability of pediatric formulations ». To say it is Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the Cts, Technical Scientific Committee and president of the Higher Health Council (Css) in Buongiorno on SkyTG24.

The approval for the use of a drug «and therefore of a vaccine adheres to absolutely stringent criteria. To say that everything was done too quickly seems to me absolutely inappropriate and I would also say absolutely unjustified »continues the president of the CSS. «Even when it comes to sample sizing – he notes – that is, the number of patients included in the study. Let us remember that this is not decided in an arbitrary and unilateral manner by the companies, but the companies develop pediatric investigation plans that are previously submitted for discussion and evaluation for approval by the regulatory agencies “. «If we begin to question the role of the latter too – he concludes – I think we are really questioning the fundamental cornerstones on which the health system is based. Both nationally and globally. The statements made about inadequate sample size should be carefully reconsidered by those who made them ».

Pediatric areas in vaccination hubs

«We are thinking – he adds – to create pediatric areas in vaccination hubs. I have also heard phrases according to which we must wait for what emerges from vaccination in other countries, but if we all do this, no one will ever have data. We try to trust the evidence of scientific studies ».

No to the vaccination obligation for children

On the vaccination obligation in children, Locatelli says he absolutely does not embrace the idea. “Absolutely not, it is an option that must be offered, it must be persuaded, explaining why there is an advantage in vaccinating children, to protect their health and their educational and social spaces. But I would not consider the obligation ». As well as the Green Pass: “Not even – concludes Locatelli – it has already been discussed, and Minister Speranza was clear in saying that at this moment this hypothesis was not considered”.

Fourth dose for adults

Will there be a fourth dose, and will we have to get used to the idea that this vaccine needs to be ‘updated’ with booster doses over time? “The honest answer is that it cannot be ruled out.” Explains Franco Locatelli. “We do not know – he continues – what will be the protection conferred by the third dose. By analogies with previous vaccines, the third dose generates a more effective memory response but from here to say that it will give us protection that lasts for years “. «A fourth dose – concludes Locatelli – cannot be excluded. It cannot be said for certain at this time that it will be administered, but it cannot be ruled out either. More than ever, science must be based on the evidence that progressively accumulates ».


December #23rd Fourth dose adults dont exclude

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