Bad weather throughout Italy, Vesuvius is tinged with white in Naples. Snow even at low altitudes

Bad weather throughout Italy, Vesuvius is tinged with white in Naples. Snow even at low altitudes
Bad weather throughout Italy, Vesuvius is tinged with white in Naples. Snow even at low altitudes

Much of Italy in the grip of bad weather. The disturbances of the last few hours have affected various areas of the Peninsula, with snowfall even at relatively low altitudes. The city of Naples woke up with a breathtaking view: the top of Vesuvio completely whitened by the name. In other areas of Italy, however, the snow has caused some more discomfort.

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Bad weather, snow on Vesuvius in Naples

Snow on Vesuvius and sharply falling temperatures. The residents of Naples and its province have to deal with the wave of bad weather that has been affecting the area for a few days, where the civil protection has issued the weather alert status until 6 pm. In particular, the volcano is mostly covered with snow , while in the cities located on its slopes it continues to rain with a certain insistence. This aspect has convinced several mayors to order the closure of schools, public parks and cemeteries for today.

Bad weather, snow in Sardinia: schools closed

The first snowflakes fell yesterday afternoon, but this morning the villages of Nuorese and Ogliastra woke up white, from Fonni to Tonara to Desulo, from Villagrande to Perdasdefogu, from Gavoi and Ollolai to Nuoro city. But the white flakes have also been seen in other towns of the Barbagia di Seulo, such as in Esterzili, where a snowstorm is now in progress. The peak temperatures, even in Cagliari where this morning reach 5 degrees, favored the ice in the streets where the first discomforts occurred during the night and at dawn. On the SS 389 (Nuoro- Lanusei), at Km 43 an articulated vehicle got sideways on the carriageway due to the road surface made slippery by the snow and the two passengers on board suffered minor bruises. The Nuoro Fire Brigade, the Carabinieri and the Anas men arrived on the spot. A similar accident with a truck in the middle of the road is reported at the north exit of Macomer where two teams of the Macomer and Oristano Fire Brigade arrived. On both roads – on 389 and on the provincial road leading to the entrance to Macomer – there are slowdowns and queues. As well as strong slowdowns are reported on the link road that from the Statale 131 Dcn leads to the entrance of the city of Nuoro. The salt spreaders of Anas and the Province are intervening to make the asphalt less slippery.
Schools closed in Lanusei, in Ogliastra and Esterzili, in Southern Sardinia, due to the snow that continues to fall at low altitude in different parts of Sardinia.

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Bad weather Italy Vesuvius tinged white Naples Snow altitudes

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