metro, bus, ATM tram and Trenord trains at risk of chaos due to the strike

Trains in the morning, metro, buses and trams in the afternoon. The next black Friday is announced for the Milanese and Lombard commuters who will have to deal with a double strike that literally risks paralyzing the circulation of public transport under the Madonnina and in the rest of the region.

The railway workers – Trenord employees in Lombardy – will open the series, who will be able to stop shortly after the start of the shift on 3 December. The agitation, as stated on the dedicated website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, was proclaimed by the Ugl Transport and Ugl Autoferro unions and workers can cross their arms for eight hours across the nation.

Trenord strike timetables in Milan

The convoys – Trenord said in a statement – are at risk “from 09:01 to 17:00” because the national unrest can also have “repercussions on railway traffic in Lombardy”. “The regional, suburban, long-distance and airport services may be subject to variations and cancellations”, the company’s notice. Who clarified that “the trains will arrive at the end of the run with departure scheduled from the official time by 09:01 and that they arrive at their final destination by 10:00”.

“In the case of non-running of the airport service trains, buses will be established at Milan Cadorna and Malpensa airport for the airport connections only between Milan Cadorna and Malpensa airport, buses at Stabio and Malpensa airport to guarantee the airport connection S50 ‘Malpensa Airport – Stabio “, reads the note. “Since repercussions are also conceivable at the end of the strike – remarked Trenord, addressing the travelers -, we invite you to pay attention to both the sound announcements transmitted in the stations”.

Atm strike times in Milan

Once the agitation of the Trenord workers is over, it will be the turn of the Atm employees. “The Ugl Autoferro and Ugl Ferrovieri trade unions have proclaimed a multi-sectoral political strike of 4 hours at the national level of the mobility sector to which, for the local public transport sector, the territorial articulation of Ugl autoferro has joined”, announced the company of Foro Bonaparte on its website.

“The strike could affect the ATM lines between 18 and 22”, while for Agi – Atm has always clarified – “the lines 201, 220, 222, 230, 328, 423, 431 may be delayed or canceled. 433 and Smart Bus departing in the time slot between 18 and 22 “.

The reasons for the strike

The unions themselves clarify the reasons for the strike – substantially proclaimed against the obligation of the anti-covid green pass in the workplace. “We have never been against either the vaccination campaign or any instrument put in place to fight the terrible pandemic that has attacked our world, but we have always been strong opponents of situations that could create opposing and unsafe worlds inside. And instead – the Ugl line – we have witnessed, since last October 15, 2021, the date of introduction of the obligation to possess, and relative display, of the green pass to access the workplace, given the possibility given to individual companies to organize practices and controls independently, to the creation of a general situation that is surreal to say the least: intimidation of workers, organizational choices not based on common sense or on the real possibility of being implemented, who will control, for example, the green passes of local public transport users, mandatory as required by the new decree? “.

“We have repeatedly asked Lor Signori, representatives of the institutions, to be audited in relation to a series of perplexities that became bigger and more worrying every day. Yet, despite the critical issues we have shown and the proactive approach of our approach, we have not received a minimal sign of acknowledgment “, they continued from the union.

Hence the decision to strike against the “existing discrimination between workers and the intimidation and retaliation that are taking place”, “for the safety, both in terms of safety and security, of all operators in the sector, because companies operate according to the dictates of health surveillance and prevention “and to point out” the lack of protection for front line operators who are victims of post-covid effects, who, instead of being accompanied in guarantee and recovery paths, are discriminated against and often pushed into previously disciplinary solutions, then decisive, such as dismissal and dismissal, as they are no longer suitable “.

And again: the agitation aims to underline “the silence, arrogance and arrogance with which the government has decided not to answer” the legitimate questions of a sector so important for the country’s economic and productive fabric “and , again, “to say no to discrimination because President Draghi requires the display of a negative swab before any meeting in the presence, even with vaccinated people, but his safety must not be worth more than that of any worker, from the politician until the last Autoferrotranviere “and because” we believe that the universal right to health belongs to every individual “and that” rights are not negotiable “.

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