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for 2 years he will not be able to attend the nightlife of northern Rome

He beat a man in a bar, punched him and then hit the victim with a dispenser holder as well. The injured, urgently transported to hospital, was judged to be curable in 10 days. A fact that happened last September 11, reconstructed by the police who, at the time of the events, denounced a 20-year-old Roman.

Today, the position of the young attacker is getting worse. A DACUR provision was issued against him by the Rome Police Headquarters, prohibiting access to urban areas, which prohibits him from returning to the area where the attack took place for 2 years. The 20-year-old from Rome will not be able to attend clubs in the area of ​​Ponte Milvio, Tor di Quinto and part of the Flaminio district in the evening.


years attend nightlife northern Rome

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