Gf Vip 6, Miriana Trevisan criticizes Alex Belli after the kiss with Soleil Sorge

Saturday evening i Vipponi of the GF VIP 6 were put to the test and had to stage a new version of the Turandot, during which Alex Belli e Soleil Sorge exchanged a passionate kiss.

The thing – both outside and inside the House – certainly did not go unnoticed and yesterday, in the orange room, Clarissa, Jessica, Miriana e Patrizia, expressed doubts about the behavior of the two gieffini and in particular about those of Alex, engaged outside the House with Delia Duran.

The first to take a position on this was Miriana Trevisan, who said she didn’t want to be in the shoes of Delia and he also admitted that he found the kiss with the former suitor excessive and inappropriate: “I would never want to be his wife right now“.

Who would like to be in the wife’s place Alex?“Echoed the newcomer Maria Monsé, which, however, also partially defended the actor, recalling that Alex he has always admitted that he is particularly affectionate and outgoing with all his friendships.

On the other hand, it remained more neutral Jessica, who explained that she did not want to judge Alex nor enter into the equilibrium of the couple, since it is not certain that a particularly expansive person will actually betray his or her partner.

At the same time, however, he admitted that such an outgoing man would not want him by his side: “I would never want such an outgoing man, I would like all his attention to be dedicated to me“, Finally, the princess commented.

The perplexities of the public at home are therefore the same as those of the tenants of the Canale 5 reality show, who have not yet been able to understand what is the real bond that unites Alex e Soleil.


Vip Miriana Trevisan criticizes Alex Belli kiss Soleil Sorge

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