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Milan, Friday 3 December metro, bus and ATM tram strike from 6 to 10 pm “Against the obligation to have a green pass and free tampons”

Friday December 3 2021 a Milano give her 18 all 22 one is expected strike of the means Atm: four hours of detention for metro, bus e tram with possible inconvenience to users. The national strike was called by the union General union of work (Ugl) Autoferro e Railwaymen against theGreen pass obligation. Membership in the Lombard capital is confirmed byMilanese transport company (Atm): “The strike was called against the introduction of the obligation of the so-called ‘Green pass’ to access the workplace, a circumstance which, according to the promoters, led to the emergence of real and tangible discrimination between workers and in the organization of work “. A manifestation against certification and for free swabs, so that “companies are made aware of the rsearch for ad hoc agreements, so that no further discrimination arises; for the safety of all operators in the sector “.

On the company’s website, the ones that are for now are indicated lines which could be affected by delays or cancellations, and interested parties are invited to check the site from the Autoguidovie Lombard, which will go updating itself as the hours go by. “They may have delays or cancellation of the trips of lines 201, 220, 222, 230, 328, 423, 431, 433 and Smart Bus departing in the time slot between 18 and 22. The departures from the terminus will be guaranteed from the beginning of the service at 18 ″, according to the website online.

The decision comes after the conference on Wednesday 24 November in which Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced that since December 6 al January 15, those who are not immunized or cured will no longer be able to access public places – from bar e restaurants indoors to the cinema as far as stages, parties, discos e public ceremonies. To go to the work, in gym or stay overnight in albergoon the other hand, the possibility of obtaining the green certificate will still be guaranteed by means of a pad, which will also be used to take the public transport.


Milan Friday December metro bus ATM tram strike obligation green pass free tampons

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