Omicron variant symptoms, the doctor who discovered it speaks: “Mild symptoms, no hospitalization”


Of the variante Omicron Little is known yet, but the first reassurances are beginning to emerge after the media earthquake that has thrown various countries of the world into a phase of alert. The South African doctor Angelique Coetzee, the first to have discovered and identified the Omicron variant, told in detail what has emerged so far and what are the “unusual” symptoms related to it.

Omicron variant, how did the discovery happen

In an interview with Repubblica, the doctor explained how she discovered the variant. The alarm bell was raised by the arrival of a 33-year-old man who presented with “mild but different symptoms”, also present in four members of his family.

Thus it was that the doctor “turned on a light bulb” and activated the task force to investigate the viral sequences of the virus. On November 22, the confirmation arrived: it was a new variant.

Omicron variant, what are the “mild but different” symptoms

Coetzee then listed the new symptoms that occurred in the Omicron variant positives:

  • tiredness;
  • headache;
  • itching in the throat;
  • slight cold.

These are therefore mild symptoms, which have not aroused great concern. The doctor also specified that “so far no Omicron patient has been hospitalized. We do not have never experienced any serious effects. The interesting thing is that the patients with severe pain in the throat were all negative ”.

The doctor also revealed that of the people tested, “less than half received the vaccine”. Furthermore, “the symptoms are very mild and are the same for both, vaccinated and unvaccinated”.

Coetzee: “Degree of contagiousness similar to Delta variant”

According to the doctor, the degree of contagiousness “Is more or less similar to that of the Delta variant. No more and not too severe “. For this reason Coetzee believes “exaggerated”The reaction of foreign governments to block flights and close borders to African countries.

“We will certainly see other cases with this variant, but they are not really sick. I would have understood the closure and fear if we had witnessed the explosion of serious effects. But we haven’t seen them. None of them have ever been hospitalized“, Specified the doctor.

The reactions in the world

Meantime, the WHO expressed concern about the “serious consequences” that the new Omicron variant could entail: “The likelihood of further potential spread of Omicron globally is high “.

The president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen he called the efforts of the scientific community to clarify the Omicron variant “a race against time”.

Virgil News | 11-29-2021 10:57

New Covid variant

Photo source: ANSA

New Covid variant “Omicron” from South Africa, expert opinion from Crisanti to Bassetti

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