Biathlon, Italy starts suffering, but she got used to it “too well”. The difficulties of Dorothea Wierer and Lukas Hofer – OA Sport weigh heavily

The world Cup from biathlon archived the first weekend of the season. The slopes of Östersund they were the scene of an individual and a sprint, moreover without days of rest in between. So immediately a tough commitment for the biathletes, who will remain in Sweden also this week. Waiting for the next competitions, destined to resume on Thursday, let’s analyze what we have seen at home in Italy between 27 and 28 November.

Let’s start with women’s sector, where the only really positive note responds to the name of Samuela Comola, who made his debut in the World Cup as the current number 3 of the blue movement. Mind you, the Aosta Valley concluded the individual in 64ma position and sprint in 46ma square. We are far from absolute excellence, but we must give credit to the 23-year-old from the Army for having risen by blows compared to the past, to the point of becoming an athlete capable of fighting to get into the points in the maximum circuit. If we put in relation the expectations of the eve and concrete results, she was the best of the Italian quintet, since she has confirmed the good things highlighted in the September Absolutes, reaffirming that it has increased in level.

On the subject of expectations, it was not clear what to expect from Dorothea Wierer. The track told us that the 31-year-old from South Tyrol is still far from her best shape. Beyond the unfortunate episode at the third range of the 15 km, the two-time winner of the World Cup appeared decidedly more controlled than usual, demonstrating how she still has to fuel. Never mind, the reality of the facts is that the winter balance of the veteran from Rasun-Anterselva will mainly, if not exclusively, revolve around those fortnight in February in which the Olympic medals will be awarded. In all likelihood, the star the team just needs to find rhythm. There will be time and way to do it.

Speaking of polygon, Lisa Vittozzi it gave the opposite impression, namely that of taking unnecessary risks. Not surprisingly, two out of three sessions on the ground turned out to be extremely negative. The speech is always the same, until the knot tied to the prone shooting, where the percentages have become deficient due to authentic empty passages, the first-rate results are destined to be episodic and without continuity. The impression is that it takes very little to find the square of the circle, but that “little” is becoming a kind of scattered relic, like a sort of “unobtainable” card to complete an almost complete album. The twenty-six-year-old from Veneto from the Friulian school will however have to be kept in sight since Thursday, because some good signals arrived in the fifteen kilometers on Saturday.

For the rest, there is little to say. Michela Carrara objectively disappointed, because the precision on the pitch is the usual and, moreover, the competitiveness in the fund was not up to the potential of the athlete. If the 24-year-old from Valle d’Aosta is unable to defend herself on skis, then she is destined to remain bogged down in the slums of the rankings, as has actually happened in recent days. We will see what happens in the second week. The hope is that there can be a providential growth in yield. In the end Rebecca Passler right now he has no right of citizenship in the World Cup. If the level is that expressed between Saturday and Sunday, then it is better to take a step back and let it breathe in the Ibu Cup, placing it in a context more suited to its current competitiveness.

Let’s move to the field of Y chromosome, where the departure was indisputably subdued. There were big doubts about the real competitiveness of Lukas Hofer due to the shoulder injury he had to deal with in the past few weeks. In this regard, the worst fears have turned into reality. The thirty-two year old South Tyrolean is in great difficulty, not being absolutely up to par with all the most popular rivals. At this point it takes shape spectrum that the first part of the season is compromised. If so, the hope is to be able to stay healthy and get fit in time for the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games.

When the cutting edge failed, the balance of the whole team went into pain, even if it would be incorrect to speak of disaster, because it is not all to be thrown away, starting with the performances of the two class 2000s. Tommaso Giacomel he sinned inexperience in the 20 km, looking for a controlled approach to shooting that is not his own, consequently losing the automatisms on the pitch. Nonetheless, the young man from Trentino was close to the points in the sprint despite two errors. Didier Bionaz he shot at the last polygon of the individual even to enter the ten, remaining however in the first forty in spite of the two missed targets in closing. He also saw himself a step up from the Idre competitions, in which he appeared further behind Östersund.

Instead, regarding the other two veterans, it must be said that Thomas Bormolini he expressed himself close to his limits, breaking through the first 30 of the sprint despite a not perfect card on the pitch. Dominik Windisch it left something to be desired, but its diesel characteristics are well known. Historically, the South Tyrolean needs a few weeks before being able to unleash his horses, so it would be unfair to judge him negatively. It should be expected in the next stages.

In summary, for the biathlon Italy as a whole, Östersund’s was a “false start”, undoubtedly the worst since time immemorial, but maybe we were get used to it too well. It must be said that, in any area, if the number 1 of both sectors is far from the best form, so it is endemic to gasp more than usual. There can certainly be no satisfaction for the last weekend of November, but at the same time it would be irrational cry out to crisis.

Photo: The Press

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