Galli on the Omicron variant: «Third dose never so important. The No vax are now more dangerous “

“The third dose is even more useful.” Thus Massimo Galli talking about the Omicron variant and the risk that vaccines prove to be less effective than expected against the new Coronavirus mutation. The third dose however «increases the stimulation of the response. Even in a somewhat complex situation like this, in which we are not sure how much the variant can pierce the vaccine, and therefore that it responds less to the antibodies that the vaccine arouses, we have no reason to believe that it does not respond at all “. The full professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Milan cites the case of the Campania citizen in which the new Covid variant was identified: “He had had the double vaccination, but I understand that he is fine, he did not have a particularly critical symptomatology “. According to Galli, «we will know shortly if this variant will be more or less widespread than the others and, in any case, we must equip ourselves with the idea that it arrives and spreads. We have a lot more vaccinations than before, hopefully that’s enough. If anyone was under the illusion that the matter was now closed, this someone must get it out of their minds. Right now, the No vax positions are more dangerous than before ».

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Galli Omicron variant dose important vax dangerous

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