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he had recently been released from prison

The Sciacca boss Totò Di Gangi, a loyalist of Totò Riina, was found dead along the railway tracks in Genoa. Di Gangi had been sentenced to 17 years of imprisonment for the Mafia and had recently been released from the Court of Appeal following an appraisal attesting to his cognitive deficits.

According to an initial reconstruction, it seems that the man was run over by a freight train. The Genoa Police Headquarters for the moment seems to rule out the murder, preferring instead to a misfortune.

Born in Polizzi Generosa, in the Palermo area, Di Gangi was a former bank employee then, he had become a building constructor. Investigators are working to try to reconstruct the latest movements of Di Gangi, who had left the Asti prison where he was being held and apparently got off the train at the Genova Principe station, and then walked along the railway tunnel where he was hit. In his pocket he had a train ticket bound for a southern city.

The deputy prosecutor of the DDA ordered an autopsy on Di Gangi’s body and the Genoa Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a file against unknown persons for his death.


released prison

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