Milan, prof refuses to teach students in skirts: at school it is revolted

November 29, 2021 9:18 AM

The teacher dressed like this on the day of violence against women: “Unacceptable clothing”. Now he risks a suspension, while the pupils continue to rebel by leaving the classroom during his lessons

The episode dates back to 25 November, but the aftermath still continues. The professor, already known for his not very accommodating Facebook posts about women and homosexuals, did not consider it appropriate to teach third-D pupils in “unacceptable clothing”, he says, and made them leave the classroom. The three, however, turned to the principal Giovanna Mezzatesta, and in the end it was Professor Mora who got kicked out. “I am drafting the report with the events that occurred – explains a The print – As soon as it is ready I will deliver it to the provincial school office, which will take action against it “.

But in the meantime the aftermath continues. On Saturday the students of two other classes – the fourth and fifth of section D – they left the classroom during Professor Mora’s time, in protest. “We refused to take his lecture to defend our ideas,” they wrote on the institute’s Instagram. And even some teachers distance themselves from Mora’s positions.

But he, despite all the fuss, did not change his mind: “That clothing was unacceptable – he insists – totally inappropriate to the context. And I would have had the same reaction if they had come dressed as a clown or as Santa Claus”. For him the suspension is almost certain which could arrive before Christmas.


Milan prof refuses teach students skirts school revolted

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