soft controls, but now the hard line is triggered. Fines of up to 400 euros soon –

soft controls, but now the hard line is triggered. Fines of up to 400 euros soon –
soft controls, but now the hard line is triggered. Fines of up to 400 euros soon –
from Cesare Giuzzi and Pierpaolo Lio

Soft controls for the obligation to wear an outdoor mask on the Castello Sforzesco-Piazza San Babila axis. Zero fines and lots of recommendations. But as early as the next few days, in view of the bridge, the hard line for offenders is taking place, with penalties of up to 400 euros

Words are enough for now. A nod (Excuse me, the mask …), a piece of advice, at most a lecture for the kids that in groups cross Corso Vittorio Emanuele regardless of the obligation. There will be time for the fines. Even if 80-90 percent of passers-by already today comply with the obligation to wear a mask. From today and progressively in view of the next weekend and the Sant’Ambrogio bridge, checks will be tight and definitely more rigid. For the moment there have been no penalties in the center, but the fines of up to 400 euros (280 if you pay for 5 days) on the Castello-San Babila axis will come especially for those who, after the invitation, continue to refuse to wear it correctly . Milan seems to have withstood the impact of Black Friday and the signs are positive. Net of the shopping trip caused by the excesses of the protesters No pass Saturday afternoon. But the Milanese seem disciplined and many remember that just a year ago the city and the whole of Lombardy were struggling to get out of the lockdown and the red zone to switch to orange and review the raised shutters of the shops. If so, the credit above all to vaccines. Now the race to the third dose, among the slippery pitfalls of the Omicron variant and the irreducible no vax, will have the task of definitively erasing the memory of those days.

On Saturday No vax

On the front of the no green pass movement, the 19th Saturday of protest marks a possible new scenario. The images of the procession along Via Torino, with customers imprisoned in the shops and looking out of the windows to observe the demonstrators, have sent back the hands of the clock a few weeks ago, when the chaos in the center was a staple of every Saturday. After two successes, the strategy of the police to stem the protest in Piazza Duomo did not hold up. The safety device was taken aback. And the day after the no green passes celebrate: The Milanese movement is reborn even stronger than before, they write on the chats of Telegram
, talking to thousands of participants and relaunching the challenge for the future. In reality, the main difference from the past is precisely the numbers: the surprise procession on Saturday was made up of no more than two hundred people, compared to the thousands on the street some time ago. The sequence of identifications, complaints, arrests and daspo seems to have weakened, if not the determination of the movement, at least the desire to participate. Precisely on this aspect, the balance of the other day must be updated: the protesters denounced for the events in via Torino rose from ten to thirteen, but many positions are still being examined by the police. The total could rise again in the next few hours.

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November 29, 2021 (change November 29, 2021 | 08:01)


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